River Island S/S 2013 Collection

Can you believe this is not even half my photos of the new collection for River Island S/S 2013, I had to be ruthless and cut a massive amount of photos and I still have a heap. Why? Because I LOVE EVERYTHING! I feel like they must be scanning my dreams as I sleep because this collection is even better than there last. I know this not be to everyones tasty, but honestly I don't care feel free to send it all my way. 

So looking at the photos can be a little 'so whats all this about' so as always here is the trend breakdown:

Army Lux- The army trend is being glammed up for spring summer, with soft fabrics in khaki shades toughened up by metallics it has an eastern feel. With snakeskin prints in trouser and skirts, you can team with a basic t-shirt for a simple take on this trend. I love the Moroccan style trims, and the little hint of sequins throw in. This really invents the military trend.

Road Trip- Think native American style jewellery, cutout boots, fringing and leathers in tan and . I adore this trend, I loved the vintage feel to the denim mixed with carpet fabrics and bright trims. The look is about layering textures romance soft fabrics, with leather and denim.  It has a wonderful 70's feel with a hippy style vibe, this is my favourite! 

Space Mono- Tailoring gets a playful makeover as this collection has a sporty edge, and with a peak-aboo of neon nearly all this collection is black and white. Biker jackets have been revamped with laser cut sleeves and 

Denim Couture- This collection is based more around a blue and white palette, with a very clean feel. Denim is moving on from grunge and tie die is applied in a fresh way to both denim and leather, jeans feature a mass of stunning embellishments for a stand out look. 

Retro- A ladylike collection that has a ice cream parlour colour palette, with nods to the 50's and 60's this is such a pretty collection. With loose jackets and fitted dresses, that are clinched at the waist for that classic hourglass. This collection is soft, playful and yet another fresh take on vintage classics. 

Once again River Island are upping their game, with their team of designers who are really bringing a catwalk feel to the high street they are fast becoming my number one go to. I have show my favourite pieces but fear not, there are plenty of classic cut plainer pieces if you don't like loud colour and print. I literally can not wait for this all to hit stores, which will be soon! There are a few bits and pieces already online and in store now. 


  1. Wow!! Just wow!! I actually love it all!!!!! xXx

  2. River Island are KILLING it. That beaded dress, embelished beanie and the chunky boots need to be mine. x

  3. Woah, such great stuff... Gotta love River Island! xx

  4. I want need must have this beanie!!! I honestly don't know where to look! X


  5. I live the eastern nomadic feel to the collection- my hippy bags are going to feel very much at hone s/s 2013

  6. Can totally see you in that oriental print, black and white jacket!
    River Island just get better and better in my opinion. I work for Topshop and I think they're really going to have to start stepping up to match what River Island are producing. x

  7. Wow! Absolutely love everything, so much colour! Love the jacket in the top picture and I need the beautiful flapper looking dress in my life! Love the cutout boots too - aaa I want everything!
    Lianne x

  8. That beaded dress is beautiful, IO definitely need to get my hands on that!

    Maria xxx

  9. Oh wow, I am so in love! This is like a dream or something!


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