Sophia Webster S/S 2013 Collection- What A doll

Shoes, what? Shoes! Not just any shoes, Sophia Webster shoes if you don't know the name by now than what have you been doing. I don't really show heaps of designer products on this blog, as it's mainly high street focused but designers ultimately inspire the high street. So before you grab that pair of cool high street heels from Topshop, River Island or Zara know that it's designers like this that inspire those beauties on your feet. Back to Sophia, this girl knows how to produce a truly magical party at your feet. It shouldn't surprise you to know that Sophia Webster worked for Kirkwood for two years before launching her own brand. Her shoes are not as expensive as Kirkwood her shoes are prices at around £195 to £595. Kirkwood has taken her under his wing, which is great to see a  well established designer encourage and guide another rather than snubbing another designer.

Sophia based the collection on the film 'Welcome to the dolls house'. Susie Bubble wrote this amazing piece about the collection, far more extensive than my child like journal report of this collection. To me it's like Sophia was thinking of every Barbie she had Disco Barbie, Tropical Barbie and designed a fun yet divinely structured shoes collection.  

She also makes clutch bags some feature quirky writing like 'Say My Name' while others are clear with polka dots, leopard print in punch colours. Personal I completely and utterly adore her S/S 2013 collection, and already have a jar that my money will go in for a pair of these dazzlingly beauties. Sophia Webster is a name worth knowing, as I think in no time at all, her shoes will be on the fashion forward folks and fingers crossed possibly my feet. You can buy Sophia's Collection now from net-a-porter. 

I saw these at London Fashion week, and knew that I had to share them with you at some point. I know I may not have the cash for these yet, but some of you may and I'd like to think that this blog covers a little of everything for any budget your on. 

What do you think of this collection? Would you save for a pair?

All images taken by me


  1. OMG I am in love, shame my budget isn't, but yeah I would save for a pair of those :)

  2. These are beyond amazing! Unfortunately I don't have a enough spare change to buy one or many four pairs, but a girl can dream!
    Jodie xx | Future Freaks Me

  3. Almost literally drooling over this post! x

  4. Love, love, love! Amazing colours. Makes me feel like summer looking at them ;) x

  5. My faves are definitely the flamingo pair.. but not sure their cost per wear would work out satisfactorily! Did you see the leopard flatforms? Now I'd probably wear those every day over the summer.

  6. Wow they are so out there! Love the flamingo ones.

    Lindsey x


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