AskHerFriends - Saving Women's hopes One Gift At A Time

I've been with Barry 10 years, and although he has surprised me with some amazing gifts over the years they're not really a surprise. I think it's rare for a guy to 'surprise' you without any input, as what women want is a mindfield of oh so right and oh so wrong. My 'surprise' gifts only happen because I have been hinting months in advance -With magazines laid out with a huge heart drawn around, that must have pair of shoes. 

Emailing or posting on my every social network, screaming from the screen how much I love that bag that's been on 'my wish list' for about a year. The trick to the 'surpise' gift, is tricky guys into thinking they did it all by themselves. The only down side to this is that all the work is on you, and what if you are hinting to point of nagging and there's still no effect! 

Will you end up like Carrie Bradshaw and holding a hideous swan purse? If only Mr Big had some help from her friends. I'm sure some women are guilty of bad gift giving too, but in the main were pretty noisy and will work out what you want. For you guys who are busy making your own 'want list', forget that and log on and introduce yourselves to Give her a real surprise, to the man who get it right we salute you (this includes you sometimes Barry).

What is AskHerFriends?
'A brand new, online gift-giving experience that helps guys finally get it right with your present this year, AskHerFriends uses social media to rally together those who know you best and turn them into his own personal team of advisers.

It's simple –he signs up, chooses from a wide variety of gifts and experiences on offer and puts them into his Advice List, which is then sent via e-mail or Facebook to your friends. They can then rate and comment on his choices, thereby deciding which of them will make you squeal in excitement the most. He has the confidence that you’ll love what he has chosen and you have the best Christmas ever.

With beautiful, unique products from cool boutiques including Pickled Ruby, Pretty Dandy and Tatty Devine, AskHerFriends ensures that he has picked something truly special but it's more than just another online shopping service.

AskHerFriends also helps spark inspiration with the Experts' Blog, featuring ideas and tips on gift-buying as well as stories about the best and worst presents ever received! Even if he's completely clueless, the Idea Map can guide his thoughts in the right direction.

Take It From A Guy Who's Been There .....
AskHerFriends is the creation of founder Ben Blomerley, who once bought an ex-girlfriend a worm farm, set up the site after one too many present faux-pas. At a complete loss of what to buy, he says: "I started asking my girlfriend's mum and friends for their advice and they were really helpful. Then speaking to my mates, I came to realise that I wasn't the only one getting it wrong in the gifting department." An AskHerFriends app and sister site, AskHisFriends are also in construction.'

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  1. That's a very clever idea - but unfortunately Gary is not a computer whizz so even that won't help me! I have to straight out say "I want ...." Which I hate as it just seems cheeky! Xo

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