Bertie Bloggers Night

To say I love shoes is putting it lightly, to me shoes are an escape. Escape from the boring, shoes can make or break your outfit. When I'm having a rubbish day, I'll grab my 'party' shoes I don't believe in saving shoes for anything you should enjoy them. They don't have to be heels for me, they just have to have a cool detail or print and glitter is always good. So when the folks at Bertie invited me to their bloggers party, I felt like I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz! I didn't exactly click my heels to get there, but after a bus and tube ride I was in Oz for sure.

Amy holding the prang boot, and me with the Neras glitter boot

The Bertie store is in South Molten street (London), and has a bit of a retro feel. My eye's were popping at all the new season autumn winter collection, with a style for every girl and guy. Me and Amy instantly started checking out shoes and grabbed some boots to try on, those insanely detailed prang boots were very popular amongst us girls. My magpie eye couldn't help but draw me to all the sparkle, glitter boots the heel on these bad boys is perfect too. I can't deal with trying to walk on my toes unless it's for a night out, I'd much rather have a lower heel for day to day wear. 

Jazz checking out some cool ankle boots
Sarah in her lush lace up booties
Becky trying on some boots
Clare with her studded ankle boots

In-between all the shoe lust Bertie treated us to a pic and mix, space invaders- AKA best crisps know to human kind! There was a great DJ pumping out tunes, as we grabbed a drink and had our nails done. As the event got in full swing, we were trying on our favourite pairs of Bertie shoes. I wish I could be with bloggers all the time when trying shoes, it was great to get some much feedback about what looked good, and what I'd actual wear. 

I really adore these Prosper platform lace up ankle boots , I think if I wasn't a full time mum to two little ones I would have got them. Being the practical mum I am I decided on the Prang boots (with the help of fellow blogger Neil), which I think me, Amy and Ellie went for (they are amazingly comfortable). I would really recommend Bertie shoes, they may be a little out of some peoples price range (trust me I'm one of those people) but I think they will last you. I have already started saving for a pair of boots I've seen, also they have a sale on at the moment so grab a bargain while you can! Thanks to the folks at Bertie for making my feet very happy.

Hello cowboy boots, my wardrobe is this way  ..
Me and Neil who helped me decided on some boots


  1. Wow, those shoes are amazing! I love the glitter chelsea boots :) xx

  2. I am a sucker for sparkles! Those boots are ace x

  3. I adore Bertie shoes, my boots are rarely off my feet at the moment.
    Looks a great event, and some amazing shoes to drool over. Those glittery ones. Swoon!

  4. Those boots are all beautiful, I wouldn't be able to choose just one pair!

    Maria xxx

  5. Just found your blog. Amazing event and super shoes :D

    New post on my blog. Hope you'll check it ;)
    Lots of kisses, Elena

  6. Ahh I totally agree with you.. life is too short not to wear awesome shoes. I'm down with wearing party shoes around the house.

    I'm rather partial to the last cowboy boots!

  7. I love those boots that Becky is trying on!

  8. this looks AMAZING!!!! also loving your hair x

  9. Always love finding a fellow shoe-fiend! My shoe - clothes ratio is completely out of proportion but they're just the most exciting part of an outfit! Shoes have so much personality! Love your blog :)


  10. Looking at shoes with Amy? So jealous- I love her! The sparkly boots are brilliant x

  11. i keep getting invited to these bertie press events, shame i can never make them. i hear their shoes are top quality


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