Red ribbon Brooch For World Aids Day

The great thing about something as simple as an accessorise, is when it can help raise money. Also when it helps to spread awareness, and remind people that there are people still battling for their lives everyday. As an 80's child I always remember the adverts for Aids, I was only little but my mum sat me down and explained it to me. I'm glad she did as I grew up knowing the facts about Aids and HIV. I never listened to idiots talking rubbish 'getting it off toilets seats' I mean really ridiculous, and some were adults teaching their children this! In 2010, an estimated 2.1 million HIV tests were performed in England and 6,280 people were reported as newly diagnosed with HIV in 2011.

'Every year leading up to World AIDS Day people wear red ribbons as a sign of awareness of HIV and support for people living with, and affected by, the virus. World AIDS Day is a great time to raise awareness about HIV and challenge misconceptions that people hold, and the red ribbon is a simple and effective way in doing so.'

All over the Internet people talk about judgement, for their weight, their skin and other things. Imagine battling a virus everyday that is destroying your body, and people calling you 'dirty'. People need to grow up and learn the fact's, this is why the ribbon is so important. People need to talk about Aids and HIV, break taboos of how people have contracted it and support ways to prevent the virus. Support those effected by it, those who battle each day not only to have a 'normal' life, but also face vile judgements from others. The brooch is so pretty and is made of cast metal and encrusted with red diamantes. It costs £15.99, and you can get one at NAT 

Dress: River island via ASOS
Cardigan: Bershka 
Boots: eBay
Ribbion: NAT* (you can buy fabric ribbons from HMV & MAC stores if you like)

I'll be wearing my ribbon over the weekend, I hope that if people don't know what it's for they ask. You don't have to wear a ribbon, it's up to you how you support or spread awareness. Spreading facts and not fiction is what matters. In other news it's been press day madness, so lots of exciting collection to show you all! Trust me I'm dreaming of S/S 2013 already, which is tragic considering it's Christmas in a couple of weeks. Still making the most of all my jumpers and coats, it's chilly here in London, to see what I'm up to check out my Instagram or twitter.
Have a great weekend 



  1. It's always great when bloggers post about causes like this. There truly is a lot of stigma tied to HIV/AIDS, and it's a disease that a lot of people tend to be indifferent towards.
    Plus, the ribbon itself is a nice subtle accessory :)

    -Monica @ Lemonpetit

    1. Totally agree with you kitten, I plan on buying some fabric ribbons this weekend to give to my love ones. the more we talk about it, the less people can make up rubbish about it. I think people forget this can effect anyone, I mean the judgement is unreal. If someone was nasty to someone about cancer, people would be disgusted, but people feel it's okay to be nasty about those with Aids and HIV. I think media needs to up it's game again, we have young generations who are clueless about the virus. Anyway thank you for your comment, have a great weekend xx

    2. Yes, I know exactly what you're saying! I actually have started studying about HIV/AIDS recently because of my school program, but before I used to be ignorant and thought it was something "taboo". More people should be aware of all the aspects of the illness, beyond our preconceived notions.
      Sorry, I kind of went on a tangent. I just appreciate when people bring awareness to causes like this! You have a good weekend too :)

  2. thank you so much for this post. my mum has HIV and it's really hard for me to deal with and she gets judged so much and has depression because of how she gets treated. thanks for this post, it made me feel better, and i also forwarded it to my mum and she enjoyed reading it.

    1. Wow, this is just wow crying right now. Thank you so much for this comment, it's great to see someone being so open and I can only imagine what both you and your mum go through. I wish all the love and strength in the world to you both, the really disease is peoples ignorance. My mum is bi polar so I know all about the depression side of things. I hope you are getting support, it helps to be with others going through the same things. I use to hate the idea of any therapy or talks. They really can help you, and your mum get through the mental and emotional side of things. All my love and glad your mum approved ;P xxx have a great weekend

    2. I agree, it's great that you're open about this. I study a lot about HIV/AIDS in my program at school, and I can't even imagine how hard it is to live with the struggles that come with the illness. I wish the best for you, your mom, and your family!

  3. Great post, it is so sad that in 2012, people still are so scared of catching AIDS of people's drinking glasses, I still here that happening in New Zealand. I will be wearing the ribbon with pride :)

  4. Awesome post. HIV/Aids awareness is something I feel strongly about so it was great to see this x

  5. amazing post! I didnt know there was a ribbon for worlds aids day but i completely agree with you.
    i once worked in a private care home and there was 3 or 4 people with hiv/aids (they were there for reasons that was not a result of their hiv status).
    it was unbelieveable how even the staff treated them like they were 'dirty'. it was BOILING hot and all the residents had their doors open- other than the suffers because 'it would spread', and i was told off for kneeling on the floor to fetch one of their shoes. Worse experience of my life and people do not deserve that.
    I wish everyone was like you and your mum as education is key.
    its fantastic youve bloggerd about this xxx

  6. Awww this is wonderful. Think its really important to use our platforms to talk about the causes that mean a lot to us. Will be getting one of these broaches.
    On a lighter note, your outfit is super cute x

  7. Such a great cause. I am going to try and track me down a ribbon this weekend.


  8. world aids day is a really worthwhile cause, and i love that someone came up with the idea of sparkly ribbons for people to wear as jewellery, it's a really great idea. and as a sidenote, your boots are awesome!


  9. Great cause to highlight - I think people tend to forget about AIDS or deem it as an 'unimportant' illness (if you know what I mean). I know so little about it, so your links will prove very handy in educating myself and others. Ignorance is not bliss. Xo

  10. I have just come across your blog and I think your style is so quirky and cool! Plus I really respect you for writing this post, I'm definitely following you. XO

  11. Thanks for posting about the importance of awareness with Aids & HIV. One of my family members is HIV positive, through no fault of his own, and him and his partner have to live with that every single day, understanding the value of facts, prevention, and testing is just so important.


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