TOMS Press Day S/S 2013 - Plus Limited Movember Shoes Revealed

On a crispy fresh morning, I headed out the house on my way to go see what TOMS had in store for us all for spring/summer 2013. Yes even in this bitter cold, I'm tempted to just grab what I can and try them on. The collection both surprised me, and had me feeling inspired that there are brands trying to make a difference. I think most people know about TOMS 'yeah the boat shoes right', wrong they have a range of shoe styles to choose from. The main thing I adore with this brand are there One for One .

Back In 2006, american traveler Blake Mycoskie befriended chidren in a village in Argentina and found they had no shoes to protect their feet. Wanting to help he created TOMS, and with  it One for One was born. You buy a pair of shoes, and TOMS will give a child in need a new pair of shoes. It may not seem like a huge gift to give a child to some people, but try giving up your shoes for a day and it may change your perspective of there reality.

With the huge success of One for One in footwear, TOMS eyewear was launched. With every pair purchased, they will help give sight to a person in need. I love the idea that maybe your 'payday treat' could have impact on someones life, it's the start of a change that is needed. It's crazy how much we take everyday simply things for granted. As a mum of two boys, the idea of my child having no shoes to wear breaks my heart. That's only the thought of it, thinking about kids in need you think of food and water. Having clothing and shoes is just as important, I loved seeing the photos of the children in their TOMS.

Every child deserves to have shoes, and with the help of the TOMS customer it can became a reality rather than just words. So on to the collection! Fear not if you are not a fan of the classic TOMS- As they have ballet fats, desert wedges, strappy wedges, desert botas, cordones and if your not in to the footwear than you have their huge sung sees range! Personal I am in love with there desert wedges, not only do they give you height without falling over they have such a stunning lining. This is were a lot of shoes on the high street fall flat, they pay little to no attention to the inside of the shoe. 

Being a shoe gal, I love the little things, and the Ikat prints are cool too. The strappy wedges have turned edges, which are also divine meaning that they won't cut into your foot and will last you forever. Plus how lush are the floral print ones, they also come in the ballet flats if your not a heels type of lady. These are the ones I was most excited about to share with you all, these are the TOMS Movember classic and botas! I don't even care that these are aimed at guys, I really want a pair as each purchase of these limited bad boys will help give to Movember. If you see heaps of people with a moustache this month, it's for Movember. This is such a great charity, and is bringing more and more awareness that men need to start talking. 

There is so much for us ladies on dealing and checking for cancer, it's great to see that men are starting to get the help and support they need to face, battle and prevent prostate cancer and testicular cancer. I think it's hard for men, as there is this 'get on with it' attitude in society. I think if guys can talk more openly about it, than they are more likely to go get checked, as it won't be this taboo that no one mentions.  

They even have a kids shoes range, which is so super cute for boys and girls pictured below. I really want to get the spotted blue ones 'Marley' for Corben, and the glitter ones will have every little girl feeling like a princess. Above is the mens range which is just going from strength to strength, I love the printed denim stripe desert botas, and also the neon soles are a great statement shoe for lads next summer. Also the bottom photo is of their new boutique range, that will be limited addition which is in luxe textures which I think are going to sell out!

So thank you to Toms and team, and lets hope that One for One continues to  grow!


  1. I love this post :) I think toms its such a good brand I love the idea of giving a child a pair of shoes who needs them. I have a couple of toms and loved the fact that I have been helping a child out each time I buy them. I think their spring/summer collection is lovely! Last year I went to America and got a white pair and they customised them with my choice of design in the shop which I thought was really cool :)

  2. Wow I love Toms and their new stuff looks great. Loving the sunglasses also, need a new pair so I'll be on the lookout when they are released :) xxxx

  3. My boyfriend just bought a pair of suede TOMS and he's completely in love with them and determined that I buy a pair soon as well! Must say I am tempted...

    Shopped and Dropped Blog

  4. I was devastated I couldn't make this press day (not least because I could have finally met you!)

  5. I've always thought their eyewear were a little over priced, but they have some cute stuff. But what I really love is their shoe wear! Everything looks super cute and they have the perfect designs for all types of people!

    The Krystel Book


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