What I Wore To Toms

I really love this pop art jumper from Primark, I have been a bit mad on them at the minute. My boots (which I also got in purple) and the hat are steals from there too. I think I need to ban myself from going in there, I need to save for so many things. I can't believe Christmas is around the corner, where has this year gone. I need to start buying 'Santa's' gifts to them, don't you love how that works. We search for hours to find that 'must have' toy, spend a stupid amount all so they can thank Santa in a letter. Bitter much, but no I do love Christmas, the decorations and food. Oh the food!

Hat, Coat, Jumper & Shoes: Primark
Shirt: Sheinside*
Jeans: Charity shop
Ring & Necklace: eBay
Bag: H&M
TOMS was amazing! Can not wait to share their spring/summer2013 collection, I had no idea how many different styles they do. So yes I will be share soon, it's been a bit stressful this week so I'm gad the weekend is fast approaching. I did have fun at events for Halloween, and seeing my friends band I think I enjoy it more than Christmas. 

Thanks for all the message for Barry by the way- Sadly my blokes nan passed away, and it's been tough for him and us and she is greatly missed. It breaks my heart trying to explain it to our 3 year old Corben, but I don't want to lie to him. So thanks for your support x 

Have you started buying Christmas presents yet? Do you prefer Halloween?


  1. That coat is such a nice shape for you! I think I prefer Christmas, even though I do enjoy a scare! It's far to early to be thinking about it though! x

  2. Love the tshirt and boots and you work that hat so well :)
    Will be intrigued to see what Toms have to offer, I've not been a fan as yet, but I'm sure that could change.
    Sorry to hear about Barry's nan. Hope you're all holding up ok.

  3. I can't believe the jacket is from Primark! I want it! You look lovely Law! I love your style! xx

  4. Super cool jumper! I need one of those x


  5. You have amazing Primark finds! I love the hat and boots especially!You definitely make me jealous that I don't live closer to my nearest Primark.
    Oh, and I love the way the bag and boots match so well, they're lovely

  6. Wow you look lovely hun, I adore the jumper. Looking forward to the Toms post :)


  7. Look forward to seeing some of the new styles you saw. wicked outfit for it too, really like the shape of the big coat

  8. I love this outfit Law, you look amazing! I especially love the boots and the shirt.
    I hope you're all doing okay, you're all in my thoughts <3 x

  9. Love this outfit, the red is the perfect colour for the accessories!

    Maria xxx

  10. I love your nail polish! The whole outfit looks brilliant and so well put together! I'm so glad I just stumbled across your blog because I LOVE it! Definitely following you now :)

  11. I really like this outfit. I really want to keep colour in my outfits over the winter.

  12. Love the Pop art jumper Law- can't believe it's Primark. I've been looking for a budget Phillip Lim number for a while now and this one is great!

    Sophie x


  13. ahh that ring is fab! wish i could get away with hats haha xx

  14. I Love Your jacket & Ring!
    Great blog! I would appreciate it if you take some time out and visit my blog at
    Claudia. XX

  15. This is my favourite outfit of yours maybe EVER. You look ace!


  16. Love the nail varnish colours ... And your hat!! x


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