Models Own Hed Kandi Disco Mix

So I'm sure you must have seen this nail polish by now, but if you haven't where have you been! When a new collection comes out, and there is mass hype, I usually think 'okay' so when I saw the Hed Kandi collection every where I got a little bored of it and thought how good could it actual be. Than Models Own did a 50% promo a while back, and so Disco Mix ended up in my basket. Well you have to try things for yourself.

When ever I had seen this nail polish it was always layered over black, which looks really pretty but I did think about how it would look over over colours. I used Rimmel's Misty Jade which is my favourite mint colour and used Disco Mix as a top coat. The result, I instantly fall in love it's so pretty and I really understand why everyone loves it.

Glitter- The glitter is mainly in gold but you have purple, copper and than tiny pieces of blue which makes for a lovely glitter mix. It's easy to layer and even in two coats, you get give coverage. I really adore how it looks in both natural light and in doors too, as some glitters can lose there effect without natural daylight. So it really is perfect for the disco!

Wear- I think Disco Mix like most of Models Own polishes latest a while and can get through the week with little to no chips. I think if you seal it with a top coat of clear vanish than it will stretch it even further. 

Over all- Really impressed and I can see why everyone was blogging, tweeting and going general crazy about this one. Great for if your after a top coat to spice up colours you already have, easy to apply and dries relatively fast. I think I would add Disco Mix into my top ten!

Suggestions on wear- 
  • Great on a nude nail
  • Layer over black for a classic look
  • Mint and purple, to bring out the sparkle
  • Gold on rusty colours for  Christmas party perfection
All nail polishes are £5.00 GBP and you get 14ml for Models Own, there are other colours in this range so have a look.


  1. Oh this combo is awesome! I love a relatively quick drying polish too :)

    Robyn Mayday

  2. aaah it looks so nice on top of that colour! I'm so boring, I always slap my glitters on top of dark shades! x

  3. That looks laaaavly! I'm soo into glitter nail polish right now! I'm fully in love with northern lights from the models own wonderland collection!! Xxx

  4. the jade colour is my all time favourite colour varnish!! good choice :)


  5. That's so awesome, I'm a big Head Kandi fan, and this totally embodies how the music sounds :)


  6. I have this Hed Kandi on my fingers at the moment. First time I put it on nude base, now on burgundy and I absolutely love it. You are so right - two layers and coverage - in love with it! X

  7. Ohh, that is exactly what i want to paint... everything with right now, starting with my wine glasses and ending with the walls.


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