How I Wear: Biker Boots With A Dress

When I get something new I tend to wear it to death, so I thought rather than just an OOTD I would start grouping my outfits more. As I have wore my new Bertie biker boots non stop, it was only natural that I should start it off with these. They are such great boots with heaps of detail and they zip up on the inside, so they are easy to throw on and go.

So first up is 'the dress' as my hair is pink at the bottom, I think this blue Primark one really pops. Biker boots and a dress is pretty easy, if your short than go for one that stops above your knee so your legs don't get lost. If your tall than full length can look amazing, with a hint of biker boot. This is how I personal rock a dress with biker boots, but really you can wear it any way you want. I'm sure I will be rocking more dresses with these, I just thought it may inspire you ladies who are not sure about biker boots.

Coat: Next *
Faux fur collar: H&M (here)
Dress & Bag: Primark (old)
Boots: Bertie *
Necklace: eBay

I added the hat as the black ties in with the boots, and this Next jacket is perfect and also being worn to death at the moment. I added the H&M fur stole because I love feeling snug but want to be able to see the detail of the dress. I keep accessorise to just a necklace which is from eBay, simply plus I was dropping my son off to nursery and don't have much time to think about what I'm going to wear.

Corben my son has now got a full day a week, it's going to be odd not having him destroying the house for a day. But I'm sure my little bub Logan will make up for when his not here. We have our Christmas tree up as Corben nagged me non stop and Logan has  taken everything off the bottom of the tree! So I hope you like this and I will have more  'how I wear' posts coming soon.

How do you wear biker boots with a dress? 


  1. Those boots are amazing! I can see why you'd be wearing them all the time. I love the combination of big chunky boots with dresses or anything else feminine.

  2. Love this look and the coat is gorge! xx


  3. Oh WOW! Everything about this outfit is stunning. I ADORE the coat, and with the fur collar it actually, could possibly be, PERFECT!
    The dress is lovely, such a pretty shape and collar <3
    You beauty xx


  4. This outfit is just amazing!! I have about a million pairs of biker boots and where them all the time with anything! I'm really tall, so as you say it looks really nice with a maxi x

  5. Oh, I really like these boots - I've never been that miuch of a fan of biker style before, but these are lovely!

  6. I love the dress! The colour, gold details - perfect! X

  7. I'm loving this outfit, the dress, faux fur collar and coat look incredible together, the colours really work and i'm enjoying the length of everything too! The biker boots aren't something i'd of first thought of to wear with an outfit like this, but it works!
    That's so cute about Corben having his first whole day a week, i'm sure he'll LOVE it! xx

  8. Aaah, Law, when did you pick up this beauty of a coat?!
    It looks such amazing quality, so thick and warm - and very flattering on you!
    The boots look great on you too, but I doubt I could get away with them as I'm definitely not as fierce as you (in a nice way) and I have short legs but big feet so sort of plod around? Anyway, I'm going to have a look on that Bertie website as it seems really nice :)

  9. I LOVE this dress on you and the whole look with the biker boots is awesome!

    Maria xxx

  10. love those boots! and i agree with you, if you're on the short side (which i am) i always stick to dresses and skirts that are above the knee to avoid looking even shorter!

    oh yum they look delicious! i've only ever bought veggie patties before and eaten them with other vegetables or as a burger, i've never actually made them before but i might try these out!

    little henry lee

  11. Awesome outfit! I love the dress:)

  12. Lovely post :~) Great styling!

    I'd love if you could visit my blog?

  13. looks lovely!! i love the dress a lot! we also have matching hair sort of!


  14. Love that dress!! Wish they still had it in Primani.

    Trisha Xx

  15. absolutely love the colour of the dress and how you matched it with that hat :) xx


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