We Can Do It

It's not often I get excited about a film coming out, and it's even more rare if I want (or get to) go to the cinema and see one. It seems that people these days will go see anything, slap the word 3D in there and we will even go and watch Titanic AGAIN - possible the worst film ever made. Sorry for anyone who liked it, but it's awful the only bit that was worth the watch was to see all the cast drown but that was ruined by 'that' door. I wish it had been least cheesy romance on a boat and more about oh I don't know, Titanic maybe! 

From the Titanic cinema experience I have learnt to save my pennies for the great films, so hearing that Ridley Scott had a new film out I knew that I would be seeing it for sure. Prometheus did not disappoint, yes it will have you questioning things and you will leave wanting more, but to me a film that leaves you screaming 'don't end there' is great. H.R Giger came out of retirement to work with Scott on this film, which made for a visual roller coaster. I won't talk to much about it as you need to see it for yourself, you may hate it but I think it was worth the wait I heard from someone on twitter that it's in the new line of sequels. As Alien is a different story, which reflecting back is true I can't say too much.

Shirt: Boohoo
Vest & Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Camden market
Hat: D.I.Y
Eye lashes: Accessorize

Rain, rain and oh more rain, yes were having a true Brit 'summer' we were going to watch the boats on the Thames the other day but got soaked. Anyway no one told people that you needed to apply for a wristband (2 weeks before hand) to get up close to see them on the walk ways, I mean sorry but it's a public space?! Oh anyway Queen's safety bla bla.

This was my second Jubilee outfit, I was going to do a third but even at this stage I'd became fed up of it. Anyway I think when my mum was taking these, I just had a snap shoot of the 'We can do it' poster in my mind I think at some point I will recreate that poster with Barry and his real camera. I got this top years ago and it was great to wear it, it's a bit tacky but good fun. 

What have you been doing with your days off? 


  1. Your top is fun, i love it! And the fascinator!

    I work at the cinema whilst im at uni so get to watch free films, yippeeee! I loved prometheius. Not sure its 100% what i was expecting but it was great! Can definitely see a sequel to the prequel to alien - How confusing!? I didn't even like alien haha.

  2. Aw I LOVE these photos! Especially the last one :) You look stunning! xx

  3. lovinggg the poses and outfit!
    looking lovely laura :) xx

  4. Top marks for patriotic accoutrement. I did a red/diamond/blue mani on one hand. My score? 0.5

  5. I love this post-great outfit :) I love going to the cinema and really want to watch prometheus but just haven't had time with work to go see it :(

    Tanesha x

  6. LOL I LOOOVE that first photo!! Ur hair looks AWESOME!!! u soooo suit pin - up doll style its awesome on you!!!

    mwah xoxo

  7. You look amazing, I love the sparkles!

    Maria xxx


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