Swarovski Crystallized Event (With LOOK Magazine)

So last Wednesday I met Clare in the basement of Topshop for a quick look, before we went to the Swarovski event. I was Clare's plus one for the event, as later we were both going to another event anyway so it was perfect. We got to the store and made our way up stairs, we were welcomed by Lara who you may know from the great team at LOOK magazine who were hosting it.We were given drinks tickets and had the chance to win some of their amazing jewellery but sadly were not so lucky, oh well. 

We all got to have a little bling, in the form of some stick on gems I went for the heart and had it on my collar bone. I think Aisling was the brave one and had it on her face it looked so pretty, and I had to get a detailed shoot of her dress which had these little white flowers on it with pearl detail. Miss Aisling is one stylish lady, I'm always snapping details of her outfits! 

Me, Faye and Clare

Once we were all rocking our bling gems on our skin, the girls talked me into having my photo taken. You could wear a piece from their new collection, so I didn't need that much convincing. I picked up a star necklace, which was dreamy and almost cried when I had to give it back ...Okay maybe I didn't cry but trust me, it was painful to hand it back as it was so divine!

Amazing friendship style bracelets, the ladies ,Clare heart gems on her wrist , and Aisling pretty ASOS dress.

I think if I was going to buy something, I would have gone for the friendship style bracelets that were like glam meets surfer and were have me. Anyway once we had all done lushing after well, everything we had to head off as we went to see the Cothing At Tesco pop up store. We also bumped into Jaime (who got some man bling too) but he had to attend other event.

Star bracelet ,Lara having her photo taken ,A stunning woven necklace and cuff ,Hannah, Faye and Clare  

So me, Clare, Faye, Aisling and Hannah grabbed our bags thanked Lara and headed off. It was fab to be round some many pretty things and if I had the money, I would be spending a some on those friendship bracelets and the star necklace for sure! Once I see the photos from 'the shoot' haha I will add a link so you can have a laugh at me looking a geek. It was so hot, my blue hair dye come off on my jacket and my new D.I.Y white collar. I don't know dip dye hair problems!


  1. That star bracelet is gorgeous!

  2. What a DREAM! I would like everything on my wish list ;-)

  3. well I always was obsessed with Swarovski, such a marvelous stuff;)

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  4. you love a good press day don't you, hope you are your new family are getting on well!

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