Jubilation Jubilee

After spending two hours on this mini hat, I felt that my outfit should be more casual to let the hat do the talking. Don't go thinking that I'm a huge royalist, nope I drink my tea out of my I heart tea mug not one with HRH and Phil's face on it. At the same time it's not every day that we celebrate a diamond Jubilee, and if it brings people together than I'm all for that. It's great to see everyone with flags out, and everyone seems to be a little nicer by that I mean you get a half smile, instead of that I'll punch you look. 

London is buzzing and there's energy in the air, it's rubbish that the weather is slacking off and is grey. Tomorrow all the boats will fill the Thames river, so it's going to be jammed packed I was thinking of going but it's just the crowds. I don't do crowds, unless it's like at a gig than it's different. Plus the Jubilee is distracting us from the Olympics, which has already destroyed half of London Greenwich park is less park more building site. Yeah thanks Olympics, and don't get me started on how everyone will get to work and home! Nightmare.

Neckalce: Old
Hat: D.I.Y 
Shoes: Westwood for Melissa (gift from Baz)
Jeans: Clothing at Tesco
Cake: Mr Kipling

Anyway thought I would break out the Lady dragon shoes, I love them so much but I'm scared of the bow coming off or scarping the plastic they are my lady like shoes. I've got some more Jubilee outfits planned well why not, saying this I'm sure come tomorrow evening we will all be sick of anything Jubilee related! Have you noticed that places seem to be cashing in like mental, out of everything just by sticking the union jack on it. I think it's funny as most products are not either produced here, it's sad really but I think I'd be speak less if I found even one item in my house that says 'Made in England' haha. Oh well.

Are you doing anything for the Jubilee? Or are you already over it?


  1. Looking good Law! :) You are a constant inspiration, what a fab Mama!

    K xo

  2. Your hat is adorable! I love how you matched your jeans and shoes with it too.

    I just did a jubilee nail art post if you wanted to check it out :)



  3. Love your shoes & your DIY skills are amazing! :) x

  4. you look amazing! and im super impressed with your crafting skills lady, the facinator/hat is fab! i have a couple of outfits planned but no outings, but any excuse to dress up and i'll take it, thanks queenie lol xo

  5. I love the hat/fascinator! Looks amazing and perfect for the Jubilee! Love it xo


  6. Those shoes are GOOORGEOUS. xo

  7. Kudos for the hat! So good :)
    Love the shoes too xx

  8. The hat is amazing! Love those shoes too, I have wanted a pair for ages! You pull off the red/white/blue colour scheme so well!

  9. Your hat is so sweet! You have such a lovely blog. I can't wait to read more.


  10. such a cute outfit! i love the hat!
    we had a small BBQ/party. shame about the rain here though :( x

  11. Love the colour of your jeans! Great outfit:)

  12. Love the shoes! I have the Viv Westwood Lady Dragon Melissa shoes in sky blue with a red heart on and I just love them. These ones are super cute, but I pretty much LOVE everything Melissa bring out.


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