Louboutin And The Strip Tease

As you may have seen from my instagram photos the other day, I went to see the Christian Louboutin exhibition at the Design museum which celebrates 20 years of Christians work. All hail to the red sole, which as any shoe addicted gal would know is the finishing touch to every shoe. It was so beauiftul to see and be up close with so many of his designs, Barry my bloke took our son Corbie out by the river as he knew I was in a world of my own. 

Shoes to me are like cameras to Barry, my other love apart from him and our sons so I was in heaven. I still don't own a pair of Louboutin's, I think if I had a pair I wouldn't want to wear them incase I ruined them, and they are the type of shoes that should be wore. It would be cruel to keep such detailed and divine footwear stuffed in a dusty box, maybe one day I will brave a pair of uber heels. At the same time not having a pair makes it even more special, like a kid in a candy shop. If you had the candy it becomes familiar and the wow factor fades a little, but than I spot a crystal pair these heels are encrusted with sparkle now what was I saying. Okay so if it was the right pair, I would probably sell a kidney for them as even I can't resist their charms. I would gladly destroy my feet to wear them for even an hour, seriously if you like shoes this is shoe porn. 

There was a huge screen with a 3D sparkle shoe so I stopped to admire it and who should appear, DITA! Yes they have a hologram of Dita Von Tease in some shockingly gorgeous heels doing a strip (I need to see her live show), Barry had just left with Corben talk about bad timing he LOVES her. It was so funny seeing all these man being dragged around, suddenly look like it was Christmas. It was so life like and she has such a tiny waist. It was amazing to see and is such a great part of the display, I also liked the fetish collection as the shoes in that collection are insane but still so perfect.

Sadly there are a billion signs saying no photography which I understand, as I'm sure people would be blind after 10 minutes as people would be snapping the whole room to death. So everyone and their mum's dog are taking a quick shot of the shoe casts outside at the end, which is actual visional stunning. I also love that these to are red, I think Louboutin has this colour spot on. For women red equals passion, it's a sexy colour and is also powerful, I think that's how he wants women to feel sexy and powerful when they wear his shoes. They  would make Cinderella's glass slippers look like crocs, to me they are the dream shoes. 

Anyway I had such a great day, Barry has two weeks off so we are taking the boys out and enjoying some family time. We took them on a boat to and went to Greenwich so it was a busy weekend, Corben my eldest is loving it ( loves daddy) he was so funny he wanted to try all the shoes on bless him (that's my boy). We went for some food, I'm so addicted to burgers in the summer not sure why and than went for ice cream. 

So I have a busy two weeks a head, so I will be blogging but not as often as usual as it's nice to just relax and be with my family and not think on later I have to edit this and that. So yeah I recommend going to this if your a fan and it ends on the 9 July so hurry.

(All images are my own)


  1. hard to believe that's London, it's gorgeously SUNNY there!

    Your baby looks so adorable and you are looking very vintage-chic!

  2. Loving the polka dot shorts! Hope you had fun :)


  3. Ahhh I love Louboutin's sort of in the way I love art -- I love looking at them and studying them, but I think if I had a pair, I'd just want to display them. (The blogger Nubby Twiglet has a bookshelf in her office where she displays her absolute favorite designer shoes and I think that's kind of genius! She wears them sometimes, but mostly let's them act as works of art!)

    xo Michelle

  4. We are going next week, so excited!!!!!! x

  5. I'm hoping to go to this in the next couple of weeks :) I can't wait, I love Louboutins!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  6. it must feel so good enjoying the 2 weeks off you have to spend with the family, great way to do it too


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