Rainbow Lines

Before the sun decided it was no longer our friend and left, he may have deep fried my skin, I swear I can slap on sun factor and still burn. Anyway before I re-dyed my hair, I did a quick outfit post my legs where out which is rare and need to be documented. I got this dress from Primark ages ago, and the fabric may be crappy and thin I still love it. Also in my current 'need to wear it' pile is my new cowboy belt which was a steal at £1.95 from the charity shop. 

This week has been one of the best this year, I was Clare's plus one for the Swarvorski (Look magazine) event and also attended the Clothing at Tesco pop up shop in Covent garden and I was a lucky lady indeed to win some So you shoes from the gorgeous Kativa's giveaway from She wears fashion. So I promise you will here all about it over the weekend, as I'm having a blog session I think both reading and writing.

Dress: Primark
Flatforms: Old
Belt: Charity shop
Necklace: eBay

My alopecia is back and so I'm having to just push through and not let it get to me, it's never nice seeing huge handfuls of hair everyday (shedding more than my cat). I've had it since I was a kid on and off, I guess that's why when people say 'oh but dyeing your hair will ruin it' I think well I need to in case I wake up one day and have none to dye. I use to do everything in my power to try and stop it, now I'm letting go and I'm going to have fun with it. If your reading this and you have it, don't let it stop you I did for too long it's not worth missing out on nights out and things. 

People will still judge you even if you have a thick head of hair, so don't be ruled by it. There are different treatments out there, and you do what every makes you happy. Every now and than you may do a hair flick, or hand cover stroke because you don't want people to see thinning or bald patches it's normal. I just hope that it's a passing moment, and you realise that there is so much more to you, it's taken me a long time for that to be real. A few of you have asked me about it on twitter which is great, and if you want to chat I'm always happy to talk about it. Anyway it may be thin, but mine is the teal coloured I wanted now so I'm happy, but if it comes to it I'll do a tank girl so if my hair disappears you know why. 


  1. Loving the colours! You will be stylish kitten no matter what xo

  2. I think you look really lovely! Your dress is so cute.

  3. Lovely dress, and you'll always look beautiful :)

    Karys x

  4. Gorgeous! It looks so summery and lovely!



  5. That dress looks amazing on you!

  6. I adore your hair and your style :)
    you look super cute!



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