Mocktail's All Round

The sun is finally shinning here in London, and so the capital strip down and head to the park, out comes the picnic but what should you bring to drink? Tricky as some people might want something alcohol (after all it's the weekend, and you need to relax), while others don't fancy drinking. Do you ask, should you just lag a heap down to the park ...well fear not confused picnic folk! (trust me, I have often had people go 'what no booze!' even when they have said they won't be drinking). The solution ..............

Peeps from Democracy PR asked if I wanted to review My Cocktail, they said that the brand had a 'Summer Punch' in a bag!(review coming soon) Yes you heard me correctly, and that they also had My Mocktail, a ready mix of alcohol free greatness. So if you fancy a drink you can add it yourself. I mean how perfect is this, rather than wasting time the night before or on the day trying to firstly get the dust out of your cocktail make shake thing (we won't mention the hour spent trying to find it first). Than make sure you have everything for it, trust me you will always forget one thing, instead you just grab one of these cartoons and some vodka or rum and Bob's your uncle.

So as I'm so thoughtful, I though I MUST try these for my readers because I couldn't possible let you taste anything vile ( that's my excuse I'm sticking to it). See so really it's a totally selfless act on my part, anyway how do the Mocktails taste:

WOO WOO: (I added strawberries too mine) I couldn't find my ice cube tray so had no ice for either of the drinks, so I thought it wouldn't be as refreshing. How wrong I was! This got a 10/10 from me and Barry, it was so refreshing and had me wanting more right away. It has a really tropical fruit taste, it has a peach taste that is really sweet and the cranberry leaves your throat feeling cool. As this is a cocktail I tend to get when I'm on a night out, I can tell you it's spot on if you added the vodka it would be the same as what you would get in a bar/club.

PINA COLADA: I'm not a huge fan of this cocktail, as I don't really like rum (so minus the rum) this actual was nice. I'm more a WOO WOO girl but this is better if you wanted something not as sweet. You could taste the creamy coconut and the pineapple mix, gives it a little kick. Again without ice it was still really refreshing. I'd give this about a 7/10 just like I said I'm not a fan of this drink.

Would I buy these?
I wouldn't get the pina colada myself as I've never been a fan, but I will be getting the woo woo it will be great when my friends come round. I loved that I could just pour it and if I want add the vodka, instead of being in the kitchen making it I'll be able to relax and enjoy chatting with my girls and watching a film. Once opened they last 5 DAYS, which I think is really good as you don't have to use it all at once. Keep them cool in the fridge, they fit nicely in the fridge too, mine were by the milk before Barry and I 'tested' them ha ha. I like that they are not bulky and the top screws on well so no mess and drips, plus you can recycle the packaging which it great. 

They are priced at £1.97 for 1 litre in ASDA, which is not too bad either. For more information chat to the folks themselves on twitter. They also run competitions on their Facebook page

What My Cocktail say: 
My Mocktail is ready to drink, best served chilled and poured straight from the carton. For the perfect serve, pour the Pina Colada in to a highball and garnish with a maraschino cherry, or add a juicy wedge of lime to the Woo Woo, and sip away in style.
• Ready to serve• Professionally mixed
• Enjoy alcohol free or add your own spirits


  1. Those look delicious!


  2. I'm still learning from you, while I'm making my way to the top as well. I definitely liked reading all that is written on your blog.Keep the posts coming. I enjoyed it!

  3. Aha, finally I might be onto something. I love a cocktail, but cannot drink at the moment because of drug treatment, this could be exactly what I need next week. My partner can add what he likes, and I can enjoy the mocktail for what it is! Awesome!

  4. These look so yummy, and so much easier than mixing all the ingredients on their own :P x

  5. Ready made cocktails? I'm in! Love the sound of these flavours, i want some!!! x


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