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You may recall I asked you to pick an outfit from Dress Me up: The F&F fitting room, and although I got a heap of views only a few people left their chosen outfit. So a massive thank you to you if you were one of them (including on twitter), anyway you picked number three 'Let's Go Party' and here it is in real life. 

So because I clearly have good taste in shoes, the ones I picked had sold out in my size so I went for these boots instead. See looking at this dress in the F&F virtual fitting room, it looked more casual like a lot more casual. I was really surprised when it arrived the other day at how beautiful tailored it is, see I was thinking a slouchy dress when look fab with flats or boots so if this looks a tad odd that's why. This dress is stunning for the price, for £25 quid and you could easily wear it as a smart work outfit or even to a wedding. It has this wonderful mod vibe, so I what with it. I think the virtual fitting room is good, but again like with anything online it will never compare to seeing something in real life.

Bag: Charity shop
Neclace: EBay
Ring: Primark

Anyway I'm so glad you lot choose this, and that it turned out to be more tailored I will be keeping this dress for when I need to look smarter (which really is all the time). The dress fits true to size, I'm glad I got my own size as the fitting room suggested a size smaller, but it would not have fit around my bust. I have said before, I adore these boots they are so comfortable and again fit really well they are great for the autumn to spring transition. So as the folks at Clothing for Tesco are so nice, they asked me to tag another blogger. As Becca (from Fashion Train) is such a sweetheart, I've decided she should take up the fitting room challenge as she has really cool style. A big thank you to Clothing at Tesco, and you guys I had so much fun, hope you all have a lovely St Patricks Day people.


  1. beautiful skirt, love it! now following :)


  2. Love the dress on you! So pretty :) xx

  3. great outfit, i love your rings and bag!!! amazing nails too :)

  4. Loveeeee your outfit! now please explain what i need to do again for this tesco thingggggggg :) i am confused haha! xxxx

  5. and it was great to see you too!!! xxxx

  6. they will email you Becca xx

  7. I love this outfit especially the glasses necklace...fabulous!
    You have a great blog I will be visiting again soon!
    Lovely outfit you look so wonderful!

  8. That is a lovely dress :)

    Really enjoying your posts, so I am a new follower :)

    Karys x

  9. Beautiful! I loved this dress the most, your hair is awesome and your nails! <3

  10. Wow you are stunning! Love the nails.
    Thanks for your comment lovely xo

  11. I'm in love with the dress, the blue section is fabulous, so bold <3

  12. Love the dress! It's very vintage reminiscent! :)

  13. Love the dress! It's very vintage reminiscent! :)

  14. I want everything in this post! Your outfit makes you look amazing (not that you don't look amazing normally!!) and the bag is super cute, even the necklace is adorable.


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