Dress Me Up: The F&F Fitting Room

As a kid playing dress up was always something I looked forward to, it involved digging out my mums clothing and shoes and looking like a mini drag queen. Now playing dress up, or as us adults call it 'trying it on' involves waiting in line for ages, to finally get into a box size room with bad lighting and sweat buckets to finally see that outfit looks horrid. So why in 2012 are we still going through this process? Well grab a camera quick because the people at Tesco are putting the virtual fitting room to the test. Your about to go 3D!
Over on their Facebook page, the folks at Tesco have created a virtual one (sweat free) so will fitting rooms be a thing of the past I find out ...

A bit about the Fitting Room….
The F&F Fitting Room can be found here and lets you create a 3D virtual model of yourself, complete with your own face, measurements (height, weight, bra size, hips and waist) and hairstyle. You can then try a range of clothing on your virtual model, get size recommendations, but the look and share it with your friends to get their opinion.
Okay so a word of advice (they also give you tips), make sure your photo is as clear as possible also if you have stupidly small ears it can be tricky as for the 3D to work they have to be out. So after a fair few attempts I managed to get a good photo, once it started uploading I couldn't stop laughing. It was good fun playing with the different hairstyles too, even if they are a bit limited.
I do think it's cool being able to try the clothing on, but there is very limited amount of clothing and you can't say for example style a top by tucking it in etc.. So you can't really get the full effect.The upside is if you do like something you have picked, you can shop the look quickly. Plus based on your measurements, they recommend you sizes. Also fancy winning a £50 F&F voucher, than just create and share your look for your chance to win.

Anyway they asked me to try it out and instead of my usual outfit posts, to create three virtual ones.

The Results

Outfit 1:  Day Time Chic
I love this dress, the colour is great and it's nice to see where the length of it will hit. I'm not that tall so always go for dresses that hit just above my knee, or they tend to make me look even shorter.

F&F Limited Edition Belted Skater Dress£25.00
F&F Patent Trim Leopard Print Slipper Shoe£10.00

Outfit 2:  Going Shopping
I really like to layer, so this jumper over this dress is perfect for shopping and still looking cute. I love the stripes with the pop of colour, and this outfit can easy go from a day to night outfit just by removing the jumper.

F&F Clock Block Tunic£16.00
F&F Patent Trim Slipper Shoe
F&F Striped Colour Block Jumper

Outfit 3: Let's Go Party

This is such a cool and simple dress, I love the block colour and that its so clean and fresh for the hot summer nights (that fingers crossed will come soon). It is a classic and it would be comfortable for any night out, from a dinner date to hitting the clubs.

F&F Colour Block Half Sleeve Dress£25.00
F&F Patent Trim Leopard Print Slipper Shoe£10.00

Which one gets your vote 1,2,3? (leave me a comment or tweet me at @Law1sfab)


  1. These are so clever! :) never knew you could do this! Definitely going to try it :) love the two tone dress x x x

  2. aww thanks so thats one vote for number 3! :)

  3. Ahh how fun! Number 1 is fab!


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