80's Trousers & The Head Scarf

I cant believe it's march already, where does the time go it feels like only yesterday I was moaning about being pregnant and wishing it was spring. Now it's getting warmer and everyone in London can finally lose a layer or five, I have started to dig through my summer clothing. I can't believe how much I have and why I have never wore half of it. I think I'm one of those people who 'save' things, but what I'm saving it for I haven't a clue. 

So for March I'm setting myself a goal, nothing major but just to try to wear something different every day and things that have never been wore to be at the top of the 'wear it' list. This also will help me sort things that no longer fit, and things I will label 'what were you thinking' to put aside and sell or donate. In other news Logan is doing well, his now 5 weeks old and I'm starting to get back in the swing of night feeds (hence why I have uber bags). Corben my 2 yr old has had a cold for the pass couple of days poor thing, so been worried about him. I hate seeing him ill, I'd much rather he be drawing on walls and driving me nuts than just laid out on the sofa bless him.

Scarf: H&M
Braces: Claire's
Top: H&M kids
Trousers: Charity shop
Shoes: Vintage
Ring: Gift

Decided to wear my 80's trousers today (when I say today I mean yesterday), they make me look a little frumpy but to be honest I don't care I really love them as they are a welcome break from jeans and leggings. I found my cat top, which I have to say is a little small now but I have not worn it in forever so I stuck it on. I adore this scarf, I got it ages ago from H&M when I first saw it I didn't buy it as I had a heap of scarfs already. Than I spotted Amy Winehouse had it on in a magazine and had to go back and buy it, it was the last one and I just love this print. So glad I did, I still can't believe she's gone.


  1. favourite outfit on you. ever.

  2. I LOVE this outfit! It is so you! Headscarf, vintage feel and the cute ring. :) The trousers are fabulous! X


  3. WOW! this is your best outfit yet!! You look A.MAZ.ING!!! Just stunning!!!


  4. I love the trousers on you! Look great.
    And the print on the scarf is really pretty.

  5. this is a right snazzy outfit, those trousers really suit you dude

  6. Love everything about this outfit. Those trousers are amazing x

  7. aww thank you ladies that really is so sweet xx

  8. YOU LOOK AWESOME! love this outfit xx

  9. i love the braces and headscarf!

  10. I have your lipstick scarf from H&M. I love mine! And I love the innovative quirky feel to this look! Especially the jammie dodgers ring!

    Gemma x


  11. LOVE THIS OUTFIT! You look amazing, I can't believe you only gave birth mere weeks ago! xx

  12. I too want to try and wear something diff everyday! It's easy to wear the things we love most so often.

    This outfit looks fab on you, you suit it so well.

  13. the ring is SO cute. You look really nice, Law! Really beautifully styled and definitely a head turner! x

  14. I love this outfit so much. your trousers look so comfortable and paired with those braces is perfect. i lllloooovvvveeee braces. i think i might have a braces addiction cause when i see some i want them. i wear braces alot but more so with suits or with just pants and skirts for work. i approx have about 15 pairs. well enough of me, you look great and you dont look frumpy.


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