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I had a great mother's day, Barry took Corbie to his mum's and I took Logan with me as I took my mum out. My poor boy Corbie was sick, so going to keep him in this week so all my plans have gone out the window. He has been so helpful with his new baby brother Logan, trying to help feed him and passing me nappies and wipes (his only 2 and a half) I'm a proud mama. So me and my mum were going to go for tea and cake, but ended up going for pizza instead as the weather called for pizza. It was grey and cold in London (this explains moody face in photos), and everyone had about ten layers on. Come back Mr sun, we need to wear lighter clothing now please.

Barry got me two cards from the boys, which was really sweet and I got a cool new ring. I will share my photos with you maybe tomorrow, as I got some nice ones I felt like such a tourist taking them, but I know some of you like seeing the city. Anyway hope everyone had a good weekend, and that you have all recovered from drink binging St Patricks day. You know the day when everyone is Irish (or they wish).

 Jacket: Charity Shop
Biker waistcoat: c/o Clothing at Tesco
Spotted top: Charity shop
Jeans: Oasis Via charity shop

So this is my outfit for the Ethical Fashion style challenge over at, the lovely Ceri is asking bloggers to take part and you can win some fab prizes (which is always good). So as you know I'm a huge fan of vintage, charity shops and upcycled clothing and accessorise.  I think it's really important to mix it up, I love charity shops and I think that's clear when I get dressed, in this outfit I have three charity shop pieces. It's great to know by buying these pieces I get something different, I'm supporting a charity and that an item is being reused. It's also so easy to upcycle clothing, YouTube is awash with 'how to' and even I have a one for dying clothing.

It's so easy to buy throw away fashion, even charity shops reflect how fashion has changed. Once filled with vintage pieces, now charity shops are flooded with Primark, and other cheaper brands. Don't get me wrong, I hold my hands up as I also shop at these places, but I like to keep a balance of reusing and buying new. If you can buy anything fair trade that is always a winning, that goes for beauty brands. 

Also Ceri has set up a blog for ethical bloggers:
'For those that have an interest in Ethical Fashion, you may be interested in joining a new group that I have just set up You don’t only have to just blog about ethical fashion, it is for anyone that is interested in networking with other bloggers, working with ethical brands, joining in ethical outfit challenges, DIY and post round ups and coming along to meet ups. We also love vintage, charity shopping and DIY.'
With warmest wishes
Ceri x


  1. love it!!

    i'm following you
    mind to follow back? :)

  3. Great outfit and I agree, I hate just finding Charity Shops full of Primark clothes :(

    Karys x

  4. great outfit! love the biker waistcoat. xx

  5. I love your jacket Law! Good luck with the competition, it's such a great idea x

  6. i think you did a really good job at the challenge. that jacket looks like right good find


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