Picture This #9 (Mother's Day)

So like I said I had a lovely mother's day even if it was freezing, and so I didn't get all the photos I wanted as my hands were ready to drop off. I think in Summer I will have heaps more of the 'Picture this' feature on my blog, as not only will my hands be warm but also there is always fun things going on. Here are the ones I did take anyway, with my numb hands ..

Pizza goodness at Pizza express, I really love their pizza as other pizza places are so greasy and leave me feeling ill. Me and mum went for the American, I got the 'healthier' one which basically has a hole in the middle that they fill with salad. It was very tasty hole or no hole. Logan bless him, slept most of the day he is such a lump and is now 7 weeks. 

I really must not buy anymore bags or anything else for that matter, but check out this display at Accessorize  from their bags to their footwear they have me drooling over their windows. I got a really cute ring that I'm sure you will see in a blog outfit soon, but yes trying to be good but seeing all the S/S collections makes it near impossible. I do love More London, you only have to look around and there's inspiration bursting from the builds to the coffee shops. I love the fountains that are in the area, it's so great in summer the kids run in and out of them and it's such a chilled place. 

So I can't believe how many readers I have! Thank you so much and I can not wait to launch my giveaway, you lot are amazing and I have some other things planned for summer for you lovely lot. Anyway now have a cold, yes fun times so going to be blog reading with hot cups of tea this week.


  1. nice photos and outfit, ive never been to pizza express only pizzaa hut i hjardly go out to eat :p i hope u had a great mothers day!

  2. aww Logan is such a cutie! Haha love you call him a lump!x

  3. glad you had a nice mothers day :) logan looks so cute sleeping on you xx


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