Squint To Hide The Fact Your Blind

Had a really nice weekend, most of Saturday was spent looking at things I can't afford in River Island and getting my eye's tested at Specsavers. The last time I had them tested I was about eleven, so no wonder I am now blind and always having to get closer and closer to things to see what they are. At first I thought I must just be wiped out, as I was going to put on cartoons for my boy and struggled to read the sky menu. Than my headaches came back, really full on every time I blogged, read a magazine and just general try to focus on things. Possible caused by the fact I now am permanently squinting. 

Barry my bloke picked out my frames, I was already to choose and he literally almost had my eye out popping them straight on me. Good job to because they look so chic and sharp, I pick them up next Saturday I would have been there forever debating which ones. Specsavers service is great, they talk you through what will happen (the test it's self) and have a huge range of frames and extras for your glasses. I will post some outfits next weekend to show you them, I have to say I'm really excited they make me look like a grow up. Oh I want to crack and dye my hair (I have a natural grey streak in the front of my hair), I'm trying to be strong and let it grow out. I was thinking if I do this, when I do dye it fingers crossed it will just look like highlights than again it could just look a mess. I do love black hair, but with two kids now it's a colour that requires to much up keep so I'm ditching it.  

Jacket: Warehouse, Cardigan: Gift from Barry (Tesco), Leggings: primark, Boots: Camden
Ring: EBay Necklace: H&M
I braved wearing my wet look leggings from Primark, I do like them but not sure I can really pull them off. I'm a tad lost with my clothing at the moment, it's hard going from having a huge bump a month ago and now having my body back. Also I put Logan (my newborn son who's a month old) in a carrier, so I can't wear my uber heels just yet I really don't fancy having a flat baby. 
I really love my new cat ring, I had seen this on a lot of sites so was more than happy when I saw it for the grand total of £1! Got my Rimmel nail polish on in Strawberry Fizz 025 makes me feel like Barbie, oh and Baz was such a sweet heart and got me a Double Hit Lip from Look beauty so now I have two I will have to post a review on them. 


  1. Can't wait to see the glasses you picked out!

  2. The ring with ears and necklace are to die for

    I am following you now
    Hope you will follow my blog too


  3. In LOVE with that necklace! you are looking soo yummy mummy!! mwah! missing you! We need to do something fun soon!!xx

  4. Cat ring is adorable! :) I can't wait to see your glasses!!! Can you wear contact lenses? (They come handy if you're bored with the frames) ;) X


  5. You look amazing!

    I finally got my eyes tested the other week too!

  6. Are you kidding me!? Look at you! I don't believe you just had a baby, it's a conspiracy for sure!!

  7. you're an uber mum! i bet you're really proud

  8. You can definitely pull those leggings off! Can't believe they are from Primark - they look awesome!

  9. I went for an eye test on Saturday too! Found it too difficult to pick any glasses by myself, have no idea what suits me! Really wanted some amazing Prada ones, but can't justify £250...

  10. i thought they were your h&m ones... i was so excited for a min there

  11. They don't look wet look to me!


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