The Only Way Is Keeping Busy

Once again missing LFW, which I'm a tad gutted about but I'm not that down and out about it. Instead I have been busy with my kids, finally spending time with Corbie again (my 2 yr old) and sniffing the hell out of Logan that newborn freshness ....
Kid's grow up so quick, so I'm not going to worry about other things I need to embrace this time with them. Logan is a month old now and a little lump, his too cute and Corbie is finally excepting him more. It's really nice seeing him kiss Logan on the head, I hope as they grow up they will be close. Awww LFW ... It's been great seeing others bloggers enjoying it and peoples tweets etc, I think I will be at the next one. Everyone seems a bit flat about it this year, which I can understand there is so much going on that it's hard to believe anyone has any money to buy high fashion. 

I have been really good beauty buying wise, I saved vouchers from Christmas and my birthday so not been spending heaps. I'm actually thinking of setting myself on a ban for March (I will post more about it on the 1st March, maybe you could join me). I think being home more has made me realise, that I really have a mega truck load of well.. EVERYTHING! 

I really want to go clothing shopping and that, but I have to clear out things first. I said ages ago I would, but I lie! I have to this time, not for me but for my kids I don't want to be one of those people who's found died after a month under a pile of stuff. So I need to change my ways now, before I'm that old lady on the news buried under a pile of Elle magazines and a heap of Primark stuff. So as I can't do loads of outfit posts at the moment, I will keep updating my Youtube and found other things to post about. I have some great outfits I'm craving to show you, I will have to try and get some on the weekend. 


Headband: Style Icons Closet*
Jumper: Charity shop
Lipstick: Sleek Papaya Punch 782


  1. I love the video, you look so good! I really like your headband, where is it from?
    That lipstick is gorgeous too, really suits you :) I really need to try out some Sleek stuff! xx

  2. Aww thank you it's from Style Icons closet :)
    Yes their lippy is amazing, would really suit you x

  3. Your make up looks amazing! I'm missing our on the LFW fun this season too but I guess I've been super busy with other stuff but hopefully I'll go again next Season. It was sad having to give away tickets! Anyway hope the boys are both doing well!

  4. awww soak up that kid time honey!! was talking to my boys mum the other night about how some mums want to go back to work almost straight away!! crazy! that wont be me:) xo. off to watch your vid now

  5. I flipping LOVE that jumper!!!! you look HAWT in this post!! mwah xx

  6. just found your blog... and I love your make up... so in love with the vintage look! you look great!
    You have a new follower!
    x Marina

  7. I LOVE your jumper here, impatiently scrolling down and... of course it's charity shop! :) You find amazing things! :)

    It's great to hear that you want to keep yourself busy with blogging and other stuff - looking at my friend with a small baby, I can see how important it is to have your own outlet. :) X


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