Sleek Lipstick Haul (Amethyst, Amped and Papaya Punch)

Amethyst 825
Okay not really a haul as such, but I wanted to show you them all together rather than doing a post for each. In my lipstick collection I now have three Sleek lipsticks (I have some more but can't find them?!), I had seen them in Superdrug and wanted to try them after wanting to add some other colours to my collection other than red. 
These are the true colour ones, they do have the sheer colour but I think it's pointless to be honest and I would just wear lipgloss instead. I really like Sleek lipstick it's long lasting, doesn't dry out my lips and at £4.00 per lippy it's a must have. I think these colours are great for summer, pop art lipstick is massive for summer 2012. On the Sleek website they describe these lipsticks as - 'A superb highly-pigmented lipstick enriched with Vitamin E which leaves amazingly rich shades on the lips with only a single coat. '

I never thought I would buy an orange lipstick, ever. Which is crazy because I adore Papaya Punch, it's the perfect shade of orange ( on it can be tricky to get a shade that doesn't make your teeth look yellow and odd. Again with Amped it's a great barbie pink, I think it's great for days where you don't feel like dressing up as it gives any outfit a kick. It's so girly and at the same time has a very chic and modern look, I like a lipstick that is in your face but still looks clean and fresh. Both these shades are matte which I love, as I don't wear lipstick all the time, but when I do I like it to stand out.

I don't mind Amethyst, it's one of those shades that it looks a lot stronger and darker than it actual is. It's got a blue shimmer undertone to it which I'm not crazy about, and is a pinky purple I think when I got it (online) it looked more purple. I will wear it but with a gloss over the top, I think it looks a tad dated on me or maybe it's because I prefer stronger colours I won't get this one again.

Amped 781 (pink), Papaya Punch 782 (orange)
 If you don't have a Superdrug near you, or yours does not stock it you can buy online from Sleek they deliver fast and don't charge much.


  1. wow amazing colours. ive been wanting to try sleek makeup for a while as ive heard its good.

  2. The shades are lovely and both suit you beautifully. They give such a nice sleek look too xx

  3. Sleek are awesome :)
    Those colours look great


  4. very helpful, I was looking for swatches for amped and papaya punch, so thanks a lot hun :D xx


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