Chain Mail

Cardigan: Ebay
Jumper: Gift
Leggings: Tesco
Bag: H&M gift
Boots: Camden Market

I really should not try on my old clothing (pre baby),  things don't fit and I get upset which is stupid as it's only been just over a week. I'm just fed up of wearing leggings, I love to mix it up and that so you may see me in a range of different leggings. I miss my jeans!
So apart from being silly, I have found some really cool things I forgot I had it's crazy how much crap I have held onto over the years.

On a plus I love jumpers, and lucky for me my friend Con got me this great batwing jumper for my birthday. I really love the print, it has bags and necklaces on it and matches my new red H&M bag and I found my old red boots (another discovery) which I got from Camden years ago. 

I really want to makeover our bathroom and bedroom, you know when you have had a colour on the wall for years and it actual starts to make you sick. I'm so fed up of it, I really think so much has changed, so our walls need to too. I want to get some new bedding, and a bookcase to put all my shoes in everything is all over the place. I'm making it my mission to sort out things and get organised, to make getting ready quicker plus nothing lifts my mood than a fresh lick of paint on the walls. I will share my inspiration soon, as I have seen some amazingly rooms and homeward etc.....

Aww I won Danielle's giveaway of this YSL arty style ring, which I was well happy about as I wanted one for ages (I got some for my birthday too). So Thank you Danielle! She has a shop called Piggypips, which sells cards and prints of thee cutest pig! She also has some wall art, which is perfect for a kids room.

Ring: giveaway prize
Bracelet: Ebay
Necklace: Charity shop


  1. It really has been a week! I'm sure you're sick of leggins, my pregnant friends are also complaining. :)

    Can't wait to see your inspirations and revamped house!!! :) X

  2. You look lovely, great outfit!

  3. Great blouse and bag!
    You look great for just having a baby!

  4. Oh i flipping LOVE that bag!! WOWZER well jel!


  5. Absolutely love the jumper pattern.
    The whole outfit is so cute.

    Peg x

  6. beautiful especialle the red bag (:



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