Red & Blue: Haul

Bags & Necklace: Charity shop

I had a result in the charity shop the other day when I picked up these two bags, looking at my bag collection I noticed that I have no blue bags mainly just brown or black. So when I spotted these I grabbed them, the spotty one was £2.50 and the other was £3/4 (not sure) than I saw this necklace which is glass and snapped that up too. The satchel had tissue in and never been used, it's also really leather so I know it's worth more than the £3/4 quid I paid for it. it has a tag so I need to google and find out more about it, anyway I adore it and Trish my mate wants to steal it from me.

Bag: H&M
Boots: Charity shop

How cute is this knitted scarf, I was lucky enough to win it from Sarah who is the beauty and brains of Temporary Secretary (thee most amazing shop). It's long and chunky and I'm going to wear it this week, because it is bloody cold in London. Oh I got the shoes from the charity shop also, found them in the bargain bin for £2.95 they are brand new and had a sale sticker inside marked at £15 pounds. The red bag is from H&M, Barry got me it for Christmas and I love it the detailed handle is so cute and I have room for all the kids crap ...Nappies etc ...

I still have birthday gift vouchers, so going to see what they have and treat myself it's tricky still because the baby weight is going so my size is changing. I just want to shop, I have not been on a real shopping trip in forever. I bet I won't see anything, it's always my luck that I see lush things when I have zero money! Oh well, if I find anything I will share with you. 


  1. Those bags are so sweet!


  2. I want that H&M bag! It's so hard to find a nice red bag without spending a fortune. As always, great charity shop finds. X

  3. I love the oversized, blue clutch...what a great find!

    Sophie x x

  4. love the polka dot bag, what a bargain! you have such luck with your charity shopping : )


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