New Girl

Images: Taken by Trish
Scarf, red ring & Necklace  : Ebay
Bag & Shoes: Charity shop
Bracelets: D.I.Y & gift
Jammy ring: Birthday gift

It is so cold! I just want to snuggle under a blanket and drink tea all day, I think we will have snow so I need to dig out my fax fur coat. Today I wore my Sailor jumper, which is actual men's (Topman) I adore it as it's got a soft inner linking which is so cozy. I also wore my bargain charity shop shoes, they are so cute and granny I was going to spray them but I actual love that there blue. Oh my scarf came finally, I have been waiting for it for weeks I love FIFI Lapin !! I'm going to get this in more colours, as I spotted on Ebay they have it in blue too it's a great length as same are really short. 

I have got to stop buying things off Ebay, were I was stuck in I want a tad crazy but I really should wear want I have already which is a heap and a half! Oh my god I love New Girl, I hate when series end and I have nothing to look forward to each week. So New Girl has saved my Friday nights, it's so funny watching the main character Jess thinking 'god she's mad' because I'm actual a lot like her (yep geek girl). I realised that I sing ....I sing a lot. I also get told on a regular basis that I'm random, I guess in my head things make sense but in reality when I say them I sound like I should be gagged and shoved into a straight jacket. 

Anyway it's great to see us 'crazy random' girls in something, it makes me feel a tad more sane. Plus who doesn't adore Zooey Deschanel, I love her and would kill to be half as cool as her.  

Jacket: Boohoo
Jumper: Topman via charity shop
Leggings: Tesco 

I need to catch up on your blogs, I have barely had time to blog so I'm going to make an effort to have a read and leave you some love. Hello to my new readers, it's a crazy time for me at the moment but I promise that I will be filling this blog with a mix of posts. I am itching to get my D.I.Y on! I have a huge list (think I have said this in every post, but it's true) ......Off to go repaint my nails they are looking rough, got some other Rimmel lasting finish colours (hot &spicy, misty jade).


  1. Love the rings and the outfit I'm following your blog I hope you will follow back


  2. The scarf is so cute, love how the colours could go with so many outfits.
    And the jammy dogder ring is amazing.

    Peg x

  3. You look fantastic! It's hard to believe you only just had a baby! Love that jumper and your scarf is so cute xx

  4. Oh my gosh, some stunning photos there! You look amazing x

  5. For me you are even cooler than Zooey Deschanel! And multitasking! How do you have time to blog with two little ones in the house, I have no idea! :) X

  6. Aw I adore New Girl too, Zooey Deschanel is the perfect actress to play Jess, she's so adorable. I've been watching it online so have seen about 10 eps now and I'm so sad each time one finishes and I have to wait a whole week to watch more.

  7. really nice pictures, has he got a new camera? nice bit of ebaying, now one of my jobs involves running an ebay shop i'm really never off it

  8. I feel exactly the same way about New Girl! I think I'm more like her than I would care to admit. I'll be gutted when the series ends!


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