December Haul: New Look & Charity Shop

Shoes:  Both New Look Leopard courts £12.99
Green ballet pumps £7.99

As I only have a few weeks left before baby arrives, I can't do much I can't go far or really commit to much so it's been a bit pants. I want to take Corbie (my 2 yr old) out more, see friends and just have some fun again without thinking ' have my waters just broke'. So I more than welcomed the other day, when Barry (my bloke) and my mum gave me a treat day. Like I said in my other post my mum took Corben out for a treat, and her and Barry gave me some money to get something nice with. I got a new lippy from Mac (I will show you in another post), and some bits and bobs but I just couldn't see anything amazing. 

I'm not feeling clothing shopping at the moment, which is crazy because trust me I can always find something. Instead I have gone back to buying shoes, lots and lots of shoes they fit and I can wear them now. I got these gorgeous Leopard print court shoes from New Look, than I had to HAD to get these green flats. New look have massive discounts on most of their shoes, so you really could go crazy and buy heaps for under a £100 pounds easy. I was good and decided that these were enough for now, plus I already got a heap from the charity shop the other day .........

Yes here is my charity shop haul, this is just a small one .. Yes I'm that bad, I adore the hunting of it all I think it takes time and effort and is helping take my mind off pain, tidying up and other crap. Believe it or not, all the shoes were only £2.95 each! They were in the bargain bin and I snatched them up, after a spray and a wipe I adore them. The sandals I will put away, as tribal is back for another season these will be perfect to go with prints. I love the granny blue ones, and the red suede boots look really cool on I'm planning on studding the cream New Look ones.

So yeah I have racked up, a total of six pairs of shoes in less than a week. I did fine some cute jumpers, the first was this grey one I really like the little flower details and think that my leather look biker waistcoat will give it more edgy. I got this batwing stripped jumper and this stunning vintage bag, the bag cost £3 and I love the clasp on it it's a granny bag but again it's classic and I love it. Lastly was this checked tunic, I wanted this years ago when it was in Primark but it had sold out in my size so I had to get it. I'm like that if I see something I love and can't get it, I always end up finding it years later. So yeah was happy with my finds and I'm sure I will be going back later this week for a look ...It's addictive.

I was really shocked when my mum said her friend got me a present, and my mum handed me this Accessorize makeup kit. It's so sweet of her and I really wasn't excepting anything, a couple of my friends have sent me things too as they know I have been having a tough pregnancy. It really, really cheered me up as people always forget you when you have a kid or baby. Not that I mind, it's just usual that's all people focus on and you got forgotten about. So it has been more than welcome that peeps have been so kind to me.


  1. As always jealous of your charity shop finds! :)

    I got Accessorize set for my boyfriend's sister, but it looks so good I think of buying myself one! LOL! X

  2. Shoe fest! Love the leopard print ones! Loving the granny bag too :) xx

  3. Aww this is a lovely post- I love the present that your mum's friend got you- how incredibly thoughtful! Loving your new shoes and charity buys, Those are a lot of new shoes lady! Good luck with the last few weeks of your pregnancy!

  4. I'm glad to see you've been getting treated lately, and also treating yourself!

    What absolute bargains your charity shops finds are!!

    Take it easy lovely, not long to go ... :)


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