Joe Brown Has Me All Wrapped Up

 I'm not sure why I forgot my own advice, avoid Regent street etc.... This weekend just gone the traffic was cut off so even more people filled the streets. I must have erased this from my brain and ended up there, as thanks to my mum looking after Corbie and Barry (my bloke) giving me some money I had a treat day. I only have a couple of weeks before baby number two is here, and really needed a "me" day. Anyway I will show you what I got in another post, but yes the West end was crazy and next year I will know better ...going to write it on the kids foreheads if needed.

So I was contacted last week, and asked if I wanted to review a product for the lovely folks at Joe Brown. As I was a big fan of them years ago, I recalled that apart from some uber hippy stuff (nice but not every ones cup of tea) they did have some amazing pieces. My first pick was actually all sold out, but then I spotted this gorgeous Cardigan. It's called the Alpine hooded Cardigan and is priced at £44.95, a tad pricey but I wanted to see if the quality lived up to the price. 

My Verdict:
I adore, I mean adore this cardigan, yes it's almost £45 pounds but it is so pretty with the pattern, colour and it's a great chunky knit. I love that all the inner seams are covered with a red bound, on the web it looks more deep red it's actual more of a pinky red. Yes a cardigan from Primark etc is cheaper, but the finished result is hugely different you can tell this will last and will be a winner come next year too . The buttons are a little boring but are sewn on really well, I must have opened and closed this cardigan over 100 times in one day and they are solid. I hate when buttons are floppy and even a light pull and they drop off. 

This is a size 14, as I like my knitwear over sized and plus it fits over my bump, I love the length of the Alpine Cardigan too. One thing that maybe wouldn't be great, if you are very petite, is that the sleeves are really long I actually like when a cardigan comes just over the wrist but some of you might not. It feels nice too, and it's warm which to me is a must for a cardigan and I like the hood detail on it too. I have not washed it yet, but when I have I will update about how it did. Over all I think this is worth the money, I will be wearing it a lot and I'm pleased that Joe Brown are still making great clothing. Like I say they have some really nice things on the site, like these leggings, these amazing boots and check out beautiful coat! I'm so happy I can keep my bump warm in style.

Update: It washed really well with no shrinking and it hasn't bobbled so very happy.

Hat: Charity shop
Star top: c/o
Cardigan: Joe Brown
Bag: c/o Tesco
Necklace: Old
Rings: Llymrls


  1. love the a sucker for a chunky knit!

  2. You look fabulous in our cardigan - positively glowing. Best of luck with your new addition!


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