London Christmas Blogger Meet (#ldnxmasbloggermeet) update

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How fast has it gone already! Crazy fast and it's now here, yes this month on the 19th we will have the second meet and Emma and I are crazy excited, between us we have lots of excited things happening. So there will be time to chat and get to know one another, but we will also have some special guests attending too. As some special guests are waiting to be confirmed all will be revealed on the day, (yes we are evil, but trust me it will be worth the wait). There will be some talk's with brands about products, and some goodies for you to even take away (if you love to review things like me, than get excited). 

#ldnxmasbloggermeet (on twitter)
The main thing is that it will be so nice to meet! Yes in the flesh, as I have talked with a lot of you in comments and on twitter and it will be great to see you and have a chat. Don't forget all the details are here for the travel and venue, it will start at 1pm so try and get to The Warwick for than to make the most of the time we have (if you need to come later just let Emma know). As you can see there are just a few people coming haha, but that way everyone can meet and than we can kick off with all the fun stuff. I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Emma, as she has been taking down all your emails etc for the event and arranged some great things for the day. It's going to be a blast, if you can't attend for any reason please, please email Emma
as we do have people who would love to attend, and we are at our max so Emma and I would be grateful. Anyway for you lovely lot who are coming, check the plan again and see you there.

Here is the list so far. If I have left you off (sorry!!) Emma will have all your names so you will be able to attend.
  1. Emma's blog @emmaharold
  2. my blog @LAW1SFAB
  3. Becky's blog @By_Becky
  4. Aimee's blog @MissLuxLife
  5. Emma W's blog @Emma_White93
  6. Claire's blog @rainbowsnfairyd
  7. Jemma's blog @jemlouisex
  8. Faye's blog @fayemarieblogs
  9. Safira's blog @Safira786
  10. Sarah's blog @sarahbettystyle
  11. Katy's blog @_katyscarlett
  12. Anna's blog @SMS_Style
  13. Amy's blog @amymcjohnson
  14. Joanna's blog @MdemoiselleLala
  15. Laura's blog @heartsofsand
  16. Lara's blog @LaraLain
  17. Emma's blog @Missishx
  18. Coco's blog @cococerys
  19. Kirsti's blog @kirsti_r
  20. Vanessa's blog @VdoubleL
  21. Deborah's blog @Bangonstyle
  22. Jennifer's blog @JRosellenM
  23. Mercedez's blog @Miss_Merx
  24. Emily's blog @_EmilyDivine
  25. Pippa's blog @Pippa_CTx
  26. Holly's blog @jonesloves
  27. Helen's blog @heleneveline
  28. Susuana's blog @SusuanaLove
  29. Robyn's blog @robyn_lynch
  30. Charlotte's blog @yesimcharlotte
  31. Maria's blog @UrbanButterfly
  32. Stina's blog @ChicBeautyBlog
  33. Leanne's blog @learice
  34. Samantha's blog @SamRSparrow
  35. Emily's blog [no twitter] [arriving approx. 2pm]
  36. Saima's blog @LDNshopaholic
  37. CathyAnn's blog @sassycathyann
  38. Christie's blog @Chrisssiee
  39. Anna's blog @MaggieAngus
  40. Louise's blog @MakeupLoveer
  41. Lauren's blog @elle_croft
  42. Puja's blog @pujaaaa
  43. Jasmine [filming]
  44. Daisy's blog @prettygreentea
  45. Laura's blog @laurac15
  46. Adanma's blog @arigato23
  47. Eve's blog @evemariadust
  48. Ashley's blog @ashleyfauguel
  49. Sam's blog @sams_notebook
  50. Emma from Frank PR [as a guest]
  51. Amy's blog @amyknowsbestuk [arrive approx. 3pm)

So if your names here than leave a comment, I think I follow most peoples blogs but I will add you if not.

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