Picture This #7

London town: taken by Barry
Cheer me up H&M
Matey heaven in a bath
Barry the biggest kid in the house :)
Spending time with Corben, my happy thought 

It's been a rough couple of weeks, to be honest I have been posting about more events, press days and things because I have not wanted to talk about my life much lately. I'm missing the sun, which is very unlike me I'm a winter baby but been feeling crappy about going out. I think what with now being 7 months pregnant and having very little to wear (that fits), is not helping too ...When it's sunny I could just throw on a dress.

On a dark and gloomy day a couple of weeks ago, I ordered two things from H&M this lush stripped jumper and some leather look leggings. Was gutted that the leggings would not do up over bump, the jumper is super cute but I just fill like a mess in everything I wear at the moment. So my 'cheer up' fix, was a burst.

I'm finding even little things difficult at the moment, like having a bath (even with some Lush bits and Matey AKA best reason to have a child!) I'm just drained all the time now. The other day I had a bleed too which at the time I was very casual about, Barry took me to the hospital we waited forever (whoop whoop for cuts to the NHS) but the doctor's were great. I had to have tests etc and at the time I was very calm, but when they let me go home I think reality hit. Poor Basil our kitten wanted to play and instead I shouted at him, and burst out into tears ....This was in front of Corben (my 2yr old) who hugged me saying 'no cry mummy' .................... Which later made me cry in the kitchen for about an hour as I felt like the worst mum ever. 

Me and bump (Logan) are fine and now my poor Corbie is ill, it's been a crappy. Yes this is a very self pity post, yes I'm moaning. It's nice to get it out and so I can get back to being happy, I have just over a month before baby is here. Barry (my bloke) has been amazing, looking after me and Corbie, and I will be in my leggings in no time. Plus it may be cold and grim in London, but soon it will be Christmas and the tree will be up and I'll take Corben to see Santa. Plus it's been nice to go to these events, they have been an escape but than when I really look at what I have I don't need to escape I'll just enjoy.

Anyway sorry for this post, just needed to let you know were my minds at you know me. I need to get it out so I can move on, blogging is my therapy I think. So if your having a down time, keep strong.
P.S thank you so much for all your twitter messages, I bloody love you lot xx


  1. And we bloody love you too Law! So so, glad to hear you're feeling better! You gave quite a scare (: Sorry that you're feeling crappy, but your christmas on lovely! I know i certainly am! (: Keep smiling sweetie!

    K ox

  2. Awww honey .. hope you are feeling better soon, things will turn around, bad times dont last forever!

    I will cheer you up on Tuesday!

    or you could pop over to my blog and laugh ur ass off at the last pic on my latest post! .... I am such a div!


  3. Aw that really does sound like a rough time - hope you're feeling better soon! You and Corben look lovely in that photograph :) xx

  4. Oh Laura, sending you all my love and childish food purchases ♥ The little fridge magnet message is the cutest thing. Hope you feel a bit more chilled and happier soon gorgeous girly, and hope Corben gets well soon! xxxx

  5. I hope your son gets better, I cant wait for you have Logan. It is really cld i want sun too!!

    Btw i gave you a blog award

  6. Oh Law, I just want to give you a big squeeze.
    I hope you feel better soon, but remember your a fantastic mum (from what I read) and everyone adores you. It's ok to have down days/weeks, especially with your pregnancy. And your so very lucky to have Barry who is looking after you.
    Plus don't feel bad for writing moaning things on your blog lady, it's your blog. You write what you want.
    Sending you big hugs.
    P.s Love the photo of you and Corben.he's such a cutie.xx


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