Christmas & Counting

Wahaca goodness

We had a wonderful family meet up in Covent Garden, with some of Barry's family who were over from Ibiza it was nice for all of us as Corbie got to meet his second cousin Cian who is 7 months older. They boys loved the huge Rudolph even if they were confused and thought it was a dinosaur (as you do), I was a little gutted that it's made of plastic. 

We had a wonderful time as I have to say they have the best Christmas display over the West end, they put Oxford St to shame. I'm not really a huge 'Christmas' person, but I couldn't help wanted it to snow and wait for Santa to start showering everyone with gifts, it didn't happen but I can dream. We ate at Wahaca (where else) it's thee best place to eat at Covent Garden, I think so anyway I love Mexican food and the whole feel of the place. It was so great to chat and find out what they had been up too, Suzi Barry's aunt is setting up her shop online soon so once it's live I will show you! You will love her shop.

I had to stop by into Lush as I needed more cleanser (Angels on bare skin), oh I had to be strong (plus it helps that I had hardly any money) as I wanted at least three of their gift sets for me and the boys ...Okay for me! I'm going to do a post soon as I have a mega wish list and you need to see some of the crazy good things they have. It was lovely to be out, me and Corben are still rough but it's nice to be with family and it feels so magical around there. 

 Not sure why I look so grumpy in this photo, thanks Barry hahaha
How cute is this tree !!! 

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  1. Aren't the Xmas decorations at Covent Garden amazing? I love to stroll around there every year to feel this special festive atmosphere. :) X

  2. now that is a good bit of xmas spirit. i'm not major into xmas but i do enjoy buying presents

  3. I have a sudden craving for ginger beer.

  4. oh! so cute blog!! would you like to see mine??
    (i´m from spain)

  5. no problem, yes i am coming on saturday but
    i can only make it a 2 because im going on a 50's themed march in central london for women rights which ends at 1.30pm :/ see you then hopefully xx

  6. It's big and green, it does sort of look like a dinosaur! It's pretty incredible though...

  7. Christmas is my favourite time of year!
    And I couldn't find out where those shoes where from I found them on tumblr but I couldn't find the link to them sorry.


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