Christmas In A Snap Shoot

My mum far left, with Santa

I love this photo, it's of my mother and my aunt's and uncle I love that my mum got sewing cards as a gift it's how Christmas should be ....... When did it all go so horrible wrong, let me explain.....
 I was in Tesco a while ago shopping with Corbie (my two year old) we were choosing a toy for him. He had been good all week and using his potty so we were looking at the cars, trains etc ...nothing fancy a small 'well done' and he decided on a Thomas one and said ' thanks Mummy'. He is so cute for two, don't get me wrong sometimes he will cry for something and we have to have the 'not today' talk. So train in hand we were about to go pay when this girl who was about four screamed at the top of her lungs ' You better buy it now Mummy, NOW, NOW NOW. I'm not waiting for Santa his fat and won't get through our door anyway' ............ Horror, just shock and horror, at the fact this CHILD was talking to her mum like this, that Santa was no longer a magical man leaving gifts but reduced to 'fat' and that the toy in question was actual a mobile phone.

I know what you are thinking,in her little hands would be a cute pink plastic phone, with stickers inside one she could 'pretend on' errr Nope it was the latest touch screen phone retailing at around £200 (just a guess but you get the picture). That was not all after throwing ..Yes throwing that in the trolley she grabbed a set of nail polish and a heap of other things. At this point I was still unloading my daily shop, I was watching just to see how her mum reacted. I was waiting for her to put things back, place her in the trolley or shout or something. No her mother said ' Well if you have these now, than you will just have your laptop from Santa on Christmas day' .......Shut your mouth Laura, and stop looking this women is clearly insane. Yes you are judging her, which is bad but hang on wait no ....No giving a four year old a mobile and Laptop (again not the plastic kind, a brand was mentioned) is beyond mad, why not just hand her your credit card women! Yep I judged and I'm still shocked even when I think about it.

Is this what Christmas has been reduced too.

The more you see adverts for Christmas, the more you see that kids are mini adults now it's actual insane. As a mum I have realised the saddest of the lose of childhood now, it seems kids should have working laptops and phones now ! I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks WTF is a four year old going to do with a mobile, text some friends about  jelly they dropped on the living room carpet, tweet that they are hanging out at nursery! Or maybe update their Facebook to 'in a relationship' because they have a new teddy .....No wait why would a four year old have a teddy nowadays, or eat jelly. Why don't we just send them to work now, maybe they could start an Internet company on their new laptop.

Yes I sound mad, and stupid but that's because it is mad and stupid. I want to see kids playing with play doh, a science kit an easy bake oven with a light bulb. A little girl playing with a dolly that doesn't have 'life like features' one that smells of strawberry and they can cuddle. Why can't kids be kids! I think toy companies need to really look at what crap they are selling, and as parents we should be saying no to most of it. Don't get me wrong their have been great things in toy technology, leap pad have some great toys that teach reading  etc ... I have no problem with something that educates, but on the level of that child's age. I let Corben play (his little doodle game) on my phone, ever now and than but it's a treat and he will say 'Mummy's phone' knowing that it's a grow up think. His happy to chat on his plastic ones.

Anyway when we got home, Corbie was playing with his new train and giggling. I asked if he wanted to draw on my iPhone (I have a couple of kids games on there) he said 'No Mummy, sit and play choo choo' I could breath again. I hope that he has a great childhood, full of trains, play doh and pretend games. I hope he puts out pies for Santa and is grateful for gifts. Part of me does not have to hope, as I know yes we are in a very fast moving world now but as his mum I can keep that magic. That's how I think of Christmas the 'real' one a magic time with those you love, like in this photo my mum and family seeing Santa and getting sewing cards. 

What's your Snap shoot of Christmas?


  1. This is such a cute post!!! Although my kids have SOME of the latest tech. (7 and 10) they are very respectful and would think twice before talking to me like that! People say I'm a strict parent, THIS is why, parents need to learn how to PARENT. I love when the kids use their immagination and play games, I wish I could bottle them up and keep them like that forever!

  2. My god, that's absolutely mental. I'm the first to admit that I'm pretty spoiled by my parents, but you'd never have seen me throw a tantrum as a child/now. I remember a Christmas gift one year of a tray of baking goodies, to spend Christmas afternoon making cakes with my Mum and Granny - hands down one of the best presents I've ever had. It's so sad that Christmas is so commercialised nowadays. xx

  3. that situation is messed up. being a kid was amazing, you can have as much fun as you what, with whatever you want (if you used your imagination). it's really sad to hear about that kid, everyone seems to be in a rush to grow up. The parents should be embracing it before it's too late and they're swigging booze in the part at 14 and then....moved out for good.

    you have the right attitude in my eyes

  4. So very happy for you that you have a normal little boy who is not overly demanding and does not need fancy schmansy gadgets. However if I were you I would have gone and double checked the woman was of sane mind. what a nutso. That kid will never know the value of anything, she'll struggle when she has to fend for herself!
    As ever, a brilliant post! Belle du Brighton

  5. I totally agree with you. This sort of indulgence is going to totally ruin kids and not give them the childhood they deserve! Christmas should not be about a 'gimme, gimme' attitude, ever! I'm sure your kids will have an awesome childhood because you're teaching them how to be grateful for what they have! x

  6. Hello honey,
    it's Melissa hope you are well. I met you at the F+F bloggers event on Tue. I was with the lovely Clare from Rainbows and fairy dust. It was so lovely to meet you. You are a total sweetie pie with the best eye make up ever.

    Fab blog chick xx

    Ps my email

  7. Great post, despite being childless I still cringe everytime I see a demanding child in a shop and think I would never and still never would speak to my parents like that! I was at a christening recently and was kind of shocked/amazed to see a group of 3-6 year olds all playing on their parents Iphones, knowing exactly how to download apps and play games, I can just about tweet on mine!!
    Why can't children just be children!?

  8. Hello dear , sorry i have been away for so long and i miss your blog so much

  9. completely agree! To be honest I'm shocked at what my mum gives to my little sister compared to how she parented me and my middle sister. I think perhaps some parents want an easy life and think throwing money at their kids makes it better but actually it makes it worse..your boy sounds very respectful and, more importantly happier than that little girl.


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