The Official #ldnxmasbloggermeet (Part 1)

Sarah giving a talk about Lush

 Hearing the birds outside and nothing else I knew it was early, it was actual 6:17 AM! I just couldn't sleep, today was the day that all mine and Emma's planning had been for. Emma the brainchild of London Blogger Meet and I, had got the venue sorted sent about a billion emails and had got support from the most amazing sponsors. What if no blogger came !Was the only thought swimming around my brain, I have to say me and Emma (even with our waiting list for this event) were nervous ....what if everyone came and were bored! 

Screw it! We had put to much time in to go back now, and WOW! Just wow what a day. 
Barry (my bloke) helped me there as the lovely folks at, had sent a lovely gift set (which I will show you in Part 2, from Love Label) for everyone we meet with Emma and other Emma (from Frank Pr, she was there just for her which was lovely). We chatted and before we knew it, it was show time ......

For me and Emma it was beyond perfect, and we were so happy that come 1 'o' clock bloggers were rolling in. Me and Emma gave a quick talk of why LDN bloggers Meet was set up ' it's about connecting you all, inspiring your blog's and discovering new brands'. First up was the gorgeous Sarah from Lush, she not only had all the amazing new Christmas products but had a nice range of other products Lush sale. I actual worked for them for 4 years, and I'm always shocked when people think they are just all bath bombs. So it was amazing seeing everyone trying and smelling and discovering that they have skincare, haircare a heap of new products and that bath bombs were just the tip of the iceberg. I have some amazing Lush products to show you that I will be reviewing so stay tuned!

Sarah with the Christmas Lush bags (too cute)

Anne From Maggie Angus, giving her talk on how to get started with your own shop

Than the fabulous Anna from Maggie Angus, gave bloggers an insight in how she got her jewellery business started. I adore Anna and it was so great to final meet her, her jewellery is so cool and has featured on Xfactor to Heat magazine. It was great for bloggers to hear that it is possible to build up your own company, she also gave some great blogging tips from getting started to reviews. I actual featured her ages ago, so as a bit of a fan girl it was great to hear how she started out and how far her business has grown. I picked up some earrings to show everyone, and DROPPED THEM! Yes if I was on QVC I would be fired as I actual broke one ......Lucky for me Anna is a complete sweetheart and didn't kill me. She show cased her new collection too, which I am utterly in love with I love her unique pieces and have a heap on my 'Christmas list'  they are fun yet chic I think. Her jewellery is all handmade too, which again is great because you won't find it everywhere and prices start from £6 upwards (she has a sale on too).

Fox ring by Maggie Angus, Chalkboard ring by Wired Jewellery

Next up was the lovely Faye from Wired Jewellery, and her quirky affordable jewellery  that won't break the bank. At first she was a tad nervous about talking, but with me and Emma behind her she was amazing. I love that Faye is actual studying Law, and that her jewellery making was a hobbie she used to help bring extra money. She went on to tell the bloggers that Law didn't make her happy and that she really loves her shop, I think being at the start of a new business is hard and Faye is inspiring she is going for her dream. I adore that she sources all her sterling sliver (great for the sensitive skin types) from the U.K and wants to support other businesses in the U.K.

I was lucky enough to get her chalkboard collection, which I adore I think that her jewellery is really cool and is great for anyone on a budget with her Love heart hair slides priced at 50p ! How can you say no. I think perfect for stocking fillers and also just great value all year round. She has a new collection which is so cool, featuring triangle earring which she had on and we were all drooling over. Also her jewellery is all handmade.

I think all the bloggers were inspired and I hope that if anyone was thinking of starting their own business that Anna and Faye will give them the push to do it. As they both have great jewellery shops, and have shown that you really can do it too.

 How cool are is the chalkboard collection by Wired Jewellery!

Top: Emma & Kirsti
Bottom: Emma( Frank Pr), Emma and Emily

 Everyone .....(full list of everyone who came will be in the next post)

Me and Emma than give our lovely bloggers a piece from the wonderful Bang on Vintage who also makes handmade jewellery (who has given you lot a discount if you have a look below) just entry XMASBLOGGER11 for 15% off anything you buy. Plus the Love Label gift boxes from (thank you to Style Suzi who came and took outfit photos of people), as we had some left we did a very throw together 'Pop quiz' ....which was so funny as my brain was dead and I found it hard to ask questions that everyone would know (wanted to make it fair). I think everyone had a laugh at this, and after everyone was chatting and getting to know one another. I (being really nervous)had a little Made In Chelsea rant and why everyone should watch it haha, we also had a talk about Hollyoaks, Xfactor and other shows that everyone has been tweeting about. I think at meets you should be able to chat about everything, not always about blog stuff we talked about everything and the best thing was that we were having a laugh! 

So sorry if I scared anyone, I was very overly excited as a full time mum it's nice to be around grown ups and talk about things. Thank you to everyone who came, I will have a list of your perspective on the day, as their are already same amazing posts that you lovely lot have posted (thank you, means the world to me & Emma). It was unreal to finally meet you all in the flesh, and chat !

 Claire, Faye, Puja & Jasmine

After Emma and I went for coffee, with the lovely Jo, Lucy, Faye and Amy ! We chatted and it was nice to know that everyone had enjoyed it and were looking forward to the next one. We talked about other events we had been too, the good the bad and the ones to come. It's great to hear that 
 (Also bless Puja, Jasmine, Daisy and Christie for walking along Oxford street with us) .. we were going to go to Winter Wonderland but it was mental outside !!!
Anyway I will be posting all of their amazing links as they have blogged also, they have great blogs that are well worth a read and adding a great bunch who made mine and Emma's day (trust me).

love you girly xx


  1. Sounds like an amazing event and looks like you all had a great time! :) Wish I could have attended!

    I will definitely be checking out the jewellery looks so pretty xx

  2. Looks like oeveryone had a fab day, well done for organising :) xx

  3. Thank you so much for organising the meet up, the jewellery talks were really inspiring and everyone was so friendly! :) and the lush goodies were fab, looking forward to blogging about it. It would be lovely to have another meet up in the new year sometime. :)

  4. What an amazing time! x hivenn p.s enter my $200 shopbop giveaway?

  5. Aw wow it looks like it was loads of fun! Well done on all your hard work arranging it! : D

  6. and this is how a pro blogs... ;) x

  7. Wow, what a fun day this looks! XO

  8. Oh wow. It looks like you all had an amazing time. Very jealous!

  9. Oh this looks like so much fun, I'm so gutted I couldn't make it.. Stupid ex work with not paying me!
    You all look ever so lovely, and look like your having an amazing time!
    cannot wait for the second post.xx

  10. What a great event! love the chalk ring, I realy need to get one of those xx

  11. Wonderful coverage! X


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