Very Christmas Bloggers Event part 1

Cakes & displays

So sorry I have not posted for a few days, but I have been a busy girl the lovely team at kindly invited me to their Christmas bloggers event. I was extra excited as I knew by blog buddy Claire, from Rainbows & Fairydust was going too and to see Jess and Victoria again (the Very team girls). It was more fun than I excepted, I met Claire at the door and we didn't know where to start. The Very girls got us drinks and told us to help ourselves to cake, oh the cakes (so good, like crazy good). Anyway on to their collections, there was Holly and Fearne's there and Love Label, sequins were everywhere so a must have for Christmas. More bloggers arrived and it was time for our photo shoots ...Yes we had photo shoots, it was so much fun we got to choose an outfit, have hair and makeup done and be photographed. 

 It was such a nice change for me, at 7 months pregnant you don't get to glam up a lot so I was like a kid in a candy store. I picked a sequin number at first, but the shape was just not happening around my bump so I ended up wearing a cute polka dot number from wait for it .....Holly's collection, which same have said is frumpy I think they have it wrong it's classic. I think she is a mum and she has clearly designed a collection that is friendly, after having a kid your body changes and I think she designs for a different body shape for curvy girls. This dress fit like a glove and I felt like a million dollars, which is rare as I'm ready to pop (my bump is taking over). I asked for Amy Winehouse style hair and makeup and the team did a great job, Claire helped me suggesting this cute black polka dot cardigan for over the top (thanks again Claire, I must have more faith next time). I will be doing a 2nd post, so will show you my photo shoot, and more from the collection.

 Dress From Holly's collection

                                                Dress from Diana Vickers

It was great fun watching other bloggers like Lois and Danielle, having their photo shoots everyone was letting go and just enjoying it. I adored Lois's hair it looked so good, she went for a little Holly number too, and Danielle wore a Fearne Cotton number.

Lois from Bunni Punch and her amazing up do

Danielle from Fashionista Barbie in a Fearne cotton number

Claire being snapped

A sparkle number from Fearne Cotton

I have more to show you so check out my 2nd post on this event coming soon, also the very team let us keep an item from the shoot. So thank you again you will have to wait and see what I decided to take home .........

It was wonderful and I had so much fun, I don't have any Christmas parties or even party to go to. This collection makes me wish I did, Very have a great mix of styles and you have to check out their shoes I was drooling over them all. Also it was lovely to see everyone and me and Claire had a laugh as always, I have a heap of posts to put up so sorry for the lack of Halloween ones I promised just had zero time. Stayed tuned for part 2 very soon. 


  1. i was invited to this but i was just too tired to go ): such a shame! looks really fancy and fun too!
    Lily @ llymlrs // etcllymlrs

  2. This looks like a fun event! I love how towards christmas sequins appear everywhere and it's not too over the top to be as sparkly as possible!


  3. Lois looks GORGEOUS!

    hahhahaha Look at the pic on the photographers monitor of me doin the big stride jumps!!! hilarious!

    great pics of those dresses hun!

    SOOO much fun!

  4. ohh the whole place looks so gorgeously decorated - no wonder you were so excited! :) i love all of the dresses you photographed, i think the velvet holly dress is a favourite, and can't wait to see your photo shoot pics! :) xx

  5. Sounds exciting, looking forward 2 seeing your outfit pics :)

  6. This sounds like an amazing event! I was drooling over the cakes BIG time!And I love the sequinned dress! Looking forward to seeing your outfit you got glammed up in... Glad you had a super lovely time (even if you were like a kid in a candy store! - best way!) x

  7. the green dress from holly's collection is too perfect! love the detailing. xx

  8. ooo this look so much fun darling, may I ask how you get invited to these events?

    my e-mail is:

    Eda ♥

  9. Some beautiful clothes. Looks like a great event. The photo that appeals to me most is the one of all the cakes. Tarte du Citron. Yummy!

    Laura x

  10. That gold sequin dress is killer! Looks like an amazing event. You now have me craving carrot cake :)

  11. Aw wow it looks like it was loads of fun! Love the collections at very, especially all those sparkly dresses!

  12. looks like fun, a bit sad I missed it!

  13. Ah wow, this looks so fun!!


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