Happy Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween my dears, today has not been good. I wanted it to be so much fun and instead Corben my son, who's 2 years old decided, that he had his own plans which involved lots of throwing things and having little strops. Than Barry saved the evening (my other half) by picking up the pumpkin, and making little legs back into our little laughing man. So I put aside the awful day and craved our Jack (from Nightmare before Christmas) pumpkin, and took the crispy treats I made earlier out of the fridge.

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Not a perfect Halloween, but next year I hope Corben will be more into it and see that I wanted to make today fun for him. He loved the pumpkin, and gave me a big hug before going to bed. I know it's hard for him as mummy being 7 months pregnant, means less running about and mummy having to sort a lot and not playing (see I do try and get into his thinking too at the moment). Anyway I did dress up today, with my vamp makeup and black and gold glitter nails ...oh and my witch tights.

What is up with television tonight ?! Where are all the horrors, for that matter why were there no kid's Halloween films on too (Nightmare etc...), good job I have all the classics on DVD. Which are:
The Craft
The Shinning
Nightmare Before Christmas
From Hell
Queen Of the Damned
Gremlins (good for little ones)
Interview With A vampire 
Any of the Saw's, the list goes on ......

These are not hard core horrors at all, I know plenty of them (just tweet me if you want to know any) these are just good classic films that are usual on. Awww Halloween to me is like Christmas, I love it so much and I show really live in the U.S.A as they really get into it. So yeah not much else to tell, the giveaway is still running enter here. Hope you had a better Halloween.

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  1. Great film picks, love The Craft, brings back great school memories :)

  2. Wow love your look here! your nails are awesome
    theres a giveaway on my blog if you fancy checking it out:


  3. I really love the Jack Skellington Jack-O-Lantern! Aw 7months already Laura, do you remember when we met at the Very Press day and you said you were pregnant and there was no hint of a bump? Seriously, how fast does time fly?!

  4. happy halloween!!! that pumpkin is awesome! :D

    <3, Mimi

  5. THE CRAFT! Ahh i love love loved that movie as a kid/teenager. Happy Halloween lovely lady

  6. TV was rubbish for a halloween's night, wasn't it! I watched The Apprentice and then made in chelsea. Not spooky in the slightest! (ps. your pumpkin looks good!) xxxxx

  7. Craving a DVD session now! Am too much of a chicken to enjoy real scary films but I used to love The Craft : )

  8. Omg!!
    Lovely pics!!

    Miss you <33


  9. Your striped tights are wonderful! :D


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