Black, White & Green All Over

Jacket: Principles via charity shop
Jumper dress: H&M
Leggings: Primark
Trainers: Converse 
Bag: Charity shop

I'm in LOVE, no I'm not replacing Barry. I'm in love with this jacket/cardigan, I think someone would have lost their arm if they got to it before me. I'm into texture at the moment and for me everything has to feel amazing ( not sure if this is because I'm pregnant), I just want to wrap myself up in greys and black knits, and faux fur and wool.
I adore the collar to as it's over sized and has two jumbo buttons, I'm so glad it fits and have not take it off (this was my outfit from the other day).

I love the colour of everything this time of year, it's rubbish that the clocks change soon so it will be dark soon. So I'm soaking up all the colours while we have light, also I want to go out and buy clothing in leafy colours ?! haha I know I sound mad, but I'm loving orange, burn brown, reds and greens feeling very mother earth. Aww I promised you a photo of our new kitten, so here he is Basil (he looks like puss in boots from Shrek). His such a great cat, but Corben my two year old has been chasing the poor thing non stop, so trying to get photos can be tricky. He melts my face, his like me to naps a lot, eats non stop and needs lots of cuddles. 

I have a couple of Halloween posts coming up, not going mad as a lot of people are doing them check out VIPXO Ebay special post for outfit ideas. I have one of the nail art posts up already, so for Cobweb nails click here for my how to. I think you can see now that my bump is huge, which is making getting dressed a nightmare I just want to wear my PJ's. I'm excited this week as I have two events I'm attending, the one on Friday is for (which in the past I said was sorry) anyway it's going to be fun.

Basil our new kitten image: Taken by Barry Lean


  1. GORGEOUS cardi luv! LOVE this outfit!! Good hair day for you too! .. bonus! xoox See you Friday!!!!!!!!

  2. ah look at your bump :) Gorgeous photos!
    I love that cardie, looks so snuggly and lovely x

  3. aw, your kitten makes me miss Flash :(

    looking lovely x

  4. Ok two things in this that extremely make me happy and all excited.
    First one is LOOK at your bump! It's amazing. I know you might not feel it, but your genuinly glowing! And looking fantastic, trust me! Your bump is adorable.
    And secondly.. Basil is THE cutest cat ever! I LOVE ginger cats, look at his little nose! Tempted to try and steal himm.x


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