D.I.Y Day 2# Cobweb Nail's

You will need two base colours of your choice, I used a neon pink and a purple shade

  • Black nail pen
  • White nail pen 
  • Glitter top coat
  • You can choose to paint direct on your nails or on to a set of fake nails (I got mine off Ebay here, cut and file to your preferred length)
  • Top coat (if you only prefer the glitter on the web design)

  •  Start off with the lightest shade out of your two colours, and paint your whole nail, here I'm using Pink Punch by Models Own.

  • Wait for it to dry and than paint the second colour on but only half way, start from the base of your nail by your cuticals (so you show have a light tip). I used Barry M in Fuschia 302.

  • Again wait for this to dry and than you can start on the web, take your black nail pen and start from a corner. Draw lines on in a fanned effect, than draw the lines across in a dipped effected almost like a 'C' on it's side. (This can be tricky so take your time)

  • Once this is dry than dot on with the white nail art pen, to highlight parts of the design (I just went over a few of the lines).

  • For the last coat you can either paint the glitter just on the web section, or you can fully paint the nail. (make sure the white has dried before applying or it will blend and ruin the design. With the design here I just applied glitter to the web part, and than finished with a top coat of Rimmel Pro Super wear (Ultra shine topcoat ) it lasts up to 10 days and really sets the nail. 

I used fake nails and cut and filed them after I had them on, it's better if you do this before hand but it's up to you. Just check that you have a nail that fits each finger, or you will end up with a heap you can't use. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I know I state somethings that may seem basic but some people may have never tried doing any form of nail art (this is a guide for anyone).


  1. LOVE these!! xx


  2. Lovely nails, they look so good!

    Emma x

  3. these nails are gorgeous! i wish i was good at nail art haha. i am trialling a few nail art designs on my blog this week but they never end up looking how i hope. my nails are just too short and stubbby! xoxo

  4. These are ace! Love what you've done to them.
    I didn't realise they were fake nails! I tried them a few weeks ago, and realllyyyy found it hard to deal with them. maybe because I'm a bit retarded I'm not sure! They lasted all of 2 days. However I did love saying to my boyfriend 'i can't do that.. my nails!' haha!x

  5. I love this idea! it's the best.


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