Pumpkin Nails

Just a quick post really, to leave you all some love as I just wanted to thank you all for your comments. They have been keeping me strong and making me feel heaps better, I will be blog reading this week so will try and catch up on all your's and leave you some love. Also my Mytights.com giveaway has ended, so if you didn't enter your too late I'm afraid I do have another giveaway coming very soon (which you will love). 

Feeling a tad better and just focusing on nail art, my cold is losing the battle so I will be back to posting about lots of things soon. These are my pumpkin nails, not my best but still I like them just for fun. Going to do some more Halloween designs soon (will do a how to for the skull nails, as a few of you have asked for a step by step) I love Halloween. Had a nice weekend, Barry's (my bloke) mum and dad come round, we had a nice chilled Sunday which I think we all needed. Really have to get as much sorted as I can, I can't believe that the baby will be here soon this pregnancy has gone by so quickly. Another reason to enjoy doing my nail art while I still get a minute. Oh also don't forget there is still time to email Emma about coming to the London Xmas bloggers meet: Click here for details.

Base: Nails Inc in Porchester Place  & Models Own in Orangeade (over the top)
Details: Ebay art nail pens


  1. 2 cute!!! My daughter will want to attempt this!!!

  2. Aww Law these are so awesome.

    I wanna try some! I am rubbish at nail art mind, but certainly going to have a go!

    Hope you feel better.

    Sarah Betty xx

  3. Cute nails!

    Emma x

  4. This is a cute nail design, my sisters and her friends might try this.:D

    ***** Marie *****
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  5. You are so great at nail painting!! work of art X

  6. Ah, this has got me in the mood for Halloween! I want to paint my nails like this on Halloween. Can you believe that I have never carved a pumpkin before? I'm on annual leave this fortnight, staying at Niki's house so we'll be carving away on the ol' pumpkins next week. EXCITED LIKE A KID! Oh yes! xxxx


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