The Bear & My Cold

Cardigan: F&F at Tesco
Top: H&M
Leggings & Shoes : Primark
Belt: ASDA
Necklace: Old
Lips: Look Beauty lipgloss
Eyes: Sleek

How cute is this purse, Barry got me it I have been in a right state lately as this pregnancy just seems to be getting harder. With Corben (my first son) things seemed to past, Logan (or bump) keeps me up all night and seems to be lower I think that's because his my second. I have back pain non stop, and just feel on edge the whole time I think you can see I'm not sleeping at all. This cold just won't go either, and I'm fed up of seeing other women with the 'glow' when mines just blusher .....Yes I have become bitter. I'm at that stage were I just want my baby, and my body back with only two months to go I will shut up. Anyway this purse made my day, he came with chocolate (errr SOLD) from Marks & Spencer and he is just so cute Corben chewed on him earlier so I had to rescue him.

Awww I will show you our new kitten in my next post, he is one of the family already we named him Basil (Fawlty Towers) he is our other new baby and is even getting use to Corben who will love him to death I think given a chance. 

No fancy outfits at the moment, just throwing whatever fits on. You can look amazing during pregnancy (don't follow me) it's just I have no time, feel like poo and have a toddler to run around after. I think a lot of women don't like to admit it, but during pregnancy you can lose yourself I always feel trapped and than lose after. I want to say that on here, because I think a lot of women feel the same and people will say 'but you dress nice'  but you do lose 'who you are' and you have to find your feet again. 

Just wanted other ladies to know, everyone feels like it they just don't admit it. I am so thankful I can have kids don't get me wrong (like I would sell limbs for my kids), but I find the pregnancy part difficult  .......This sounds mad but bring on the labour, that I can do without moaning. Anyway enough of my rant, I'm just in a difficult place and feel limited (I know this is in my head) thank you for all your 'Get well' tweets. Feeling the love.


  1. Aww bless, you really needn't tell us how much you love your babies, I can tell by reading your posts :) you're amazing and I hope you get better soon, and 2 months isn't that long! :) lots of love xx

  2. I know you say you're not feeling great right now, but in truth Laura you actually do look amazing! Your bump is gorgeous and you still manage to smile!
    I can imagine it to be the hardest thing in life, and I admire all pregnant ladies/mother's because it definitely isnt easy!
    Keep your head up, have cuddles with little basil and corben and before you know it you'll have your other addition in the family to meet face to face :-) x

  3. Must be difficult , I think every soon to be mom has difficulties and that is why they call it the hardest job in the world to be a parent . get well soon too and hope you have an easy time with the pregnancy .

  4. honestly you look amazing laura. you actually look like one of those flawless pregnant ladies despite all the pain you're in. i hated pregnancy too, totally lost myself in terms of personality, fashion sense & pounds of flab. thank god the outcome is worth it eh? lots of love to you & your family mwah xx

  5. i love these pics of you holding blogger-bump.
    and loving the bear purse !


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