Leopard Print

Blazer: Tesco
Top: Charity shop
Leggings: Tesco
boots: Camden 
Socks: Tabio*
Bag: gift (matalan I think)

I look so funny in these photos (my mum's photography skills ..or not), whoops cut off your head so these were the best of a bad bunch. Anyway so first up the winners of the Mytights.com giveaway are:
Main winner: Laura
Runners up: Hayley
(you will receive an email from them soon)

So well done ladies, and stay tuned peeps as I have an amazing give-away coming very soon  c/o a wonderful new brand called  Style Icon Closet, so head over to ASOS to Follow them to get a head start (details to come soon). I'm in love with well everything, so cute I'm in love with this pink polka dot number not only are polka dots huge at the moment but this is such a great cut too. So yes stay tuned and all will be revealed. 
Thanks again for all your messages, I'm feeling a heap better still rough but almost normal again. 

This outfit is a throw and go deal, just have zero time for anything during the day. Plus as bump gets bigger, things start to look silly and don't sit in the right place. I'm already planning post baby outfits, I'm excited just to wear jeans again without an expanding waistband ... yes sad times. It's stupid windy in London at the moment, so I'm working layers as when ever you go inside places your sweating (so sexy).Finally chosen my buggy, I will be doing my special mummy to be post on what I'm getting and that. Plus also good sites to check out for mum's, not doing a huge thing about it but it's nice to share the little things. 

Been at the nail art again, this looks a lot better in real life it looks well rough in this photo I'm not the best at nail art but I'm not that bad. I have cut my finger so now have a Peppa pig plaster on my thumb, (fashion forward darling) we got them for Corben (my boy) butI keep having to use them. Like I said I will have a step by step DIY nail art for the skull nails coming up, so stay tuned. Also found some amazingly cool shops that I will be sharing, for looking ace this winter. Hope your all well my dears ...

Now can barely see my feet 


  1. Congratulations to the winners!:D

    I want your bag.;D

    ***** Marie *****
    STAGES of BEAUTY Treatment Cream Giveaway

  2. I love that top it's gorgeous.

    You look lovely and glowing and the bump is cooking nicely :) xx

  3. loving the nail art :) The photos are fine, my mum is also pretty rubbish at taking photos of me! xo

  4. Your nails are gorgeous darling and lovely styling.


    Eda ♥

  5. Laura,you always pick up the best charity finds! I was like, where's your top from? And realised..! Always sad to see by charity shops, because I know I can't go buy one!
    And your blazer is gorgeous! Still look yummy mummy to us!
    Congrats to the winner.xx

  6. Love the outfit, the top is fab :)
    awww hello Mrs. lovely pregnant lady

  7. Yay! Can't believe i've actuatly won something :)
    You look lovely, i love the top on you! xx

  8. That is a gorgeous necklace, Laura! x


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