Dita Von Teese (Perfect Look For Christmas)

From her makeup to her hair, I just Love Dita Von Teese I think because she is pale and has dark hair I feel that I could achieve her style. Sadly not but I can dream, I love that she always has playful outfits but yet they are very grown up and polished looking. She never seems to have a hair out of place, I would love to see her get ready just to see how long it takes and how you go about looking so flawless (I think for her it comes natural).

I adore her makeup which thanks to You Tube, there are a million 'how to' I also think that she is inspiring for the party season! Yes as it's Christmas I though I would do a post on how to get a glam, polished look for those Christmas party's.



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Yes okay she has designers falling at her feet to dress her, but here are some ideas to show that you to can be glam, playful but keep that polished look. Have fun and I hope this has inspired you to give the Dita look a try for yourself, don't forget to paint your nails red with a half moon for instant Dita effort .....



ALDO Mcintyde Glitter Bow Heeled Shoes


Talullah Tu Gold Ornate Crystal Statement Necklace


River Island One Shoulder Dress With Oversized Corsage


ASOS PURR Over Lasted Suede Wedge



  1. I love Dita Von Teese. She's absolutely stunning.

    Sophie x x

  2. Ahhhh I got to see her in the flesh on Thurs, she was stunning!

  3. I adore the clothes you've picked out, she's definitely a natural stunner too! xxx

  4. Dita is a living perfection (if I can say that)

    Love your makeup tutorial!


  5. I adore Dita Von Teese - I would die to pull off her style!!!

    Also I now need those ASOS kitty heels - LOVE them xx


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