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Necklace: Charity shop £1.95 !!

As I have been in a mood for this last month, over nothing fitting and feeling like crap pretty much every day. I decided to go on a charity shop hunt, I wanted a bright top and necklace in hope that it would lift my mood and you know what it does. It's hard not to feel happy in red (not to mention festive), I ended up getting a heap at the charity shop which included some amazing shoes for £2.95 each !! 

Yes I'm not craving food, I'm addicted to finding amazing finds in my local charity shop. When I say addicted I mean I actual plan my next trip, yes I am sad I know but I love it. There is such a thrill about getting something I love for a great price and knowing it is helping too.

Things to look out for:
  • Necklace - Go for plastic pieces where possible as they are easy to clean, and have less wear. You can get some pretty non plastic ones to, just check for wear and take your time to check that chains etc are in good condition.
  • Bangles- I always go for chunky statement ones, have a look in magazines to see what style is in. Than start hunting (people tend to clear these out a lot, so you will always find some classic pieces)
  • Jumpers- Go for chunky oversized knits, I always get jumpers a few sizes bigger as you can style them up with a shirt underneath for a kooky geek chic look. Again check for holes etc, and again see what colours and knit types are in the shops. I like to check Topshop for inspiration, but would rather paid £3.50 than £30.
  • Vest tops- They always have them ALWAYS, and they are great for all seasons I love layering them under a jumper in winter so I can wear lighter style coat/jacket.
                                These are just my suggestions, I am not a guru or anything but I am savvy when it comes to the charity shops.

So I will show you all the things I got, I know you can't get the same but maybe it will inspire you to have a look in your local one and maybe you will find some treasure too.

Top: Charity shop Papya (I think)
Necklace: Charity shop
Jacket/Cardigan: Charity shop
Leggings: Tesco
Bag: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: New look


  1. wicked necklace! Charity shop finds are the BEST!

  2. You are an early bird this Sunday! Great idea re knits, am having real trouble finding any decent ones in charity shops though. All I want for Christmas is a really bad jumper with a reindeer on it; can't find one that isn't a silly price anywhere!

  3. The colour of this top makes me actually warmer! :) What a great find and what a good guide! I'd add to look for the bags when you have some time. I've once spotted an used Gucci clutch, went to get some cash from cash point, when I came back it was SOLD. LE SIGH!!! X

  4. Love it! You are so pretty! XoXo

  5. Ooh, I'm a big fan of buying jewellery in Charity shops as well. I often buy beaded pieces and sometimes take them to pieces to make my own creations! I also buy earrings and change the ear wires on them to be more hygeinic (and cos I'm alergic to non-silver and gold in my ears). I almost never find any clothes I like though :( xx

  6. Damn you for looking so amazing in red!

  7. The thing I love about charity shops is that you can push the limits a bit. Something you love but are not quite sure will work or can get away with. Things you may not have considered suiting you. A couple of quid to charity for what could be a whole new you. Win! Win!


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