Most Wanted: Glitter Shoes Sparkle Dream Or Disco Nightmare?

(They come nicely packed too)

I think every shoes addict alive has seen the Miu Miu glitter boots, that has made glitter footwear a huge key piece of the season. At £555 pounds they are but a dream for most of us, unless you have a master plan .. You know the one, buy them from your join bank account, cry and tell your other half the card was stolen. Hide the shoes when they arrive, until your other half has stopped pulling out their hair,  than stick them in a sale bag to cover your tracks ....and maybe after a month you can wear them. Than reality hits, were they really worth it £555! Not to mention the APR you will have to pay back on top, so can another pair of glitter shoes compare to designer ....

I was asked this very question by the folks at Voucher codes, yes I know dream come true 'could you road test this trend' errr 'Hell Yes' pregnant or not, after being a shoes addict for as long as I have you know the good from the bad. So I made a mental list of what I, you and anyone wants from a shoe and got creative with my testing skills as I couldn't wear these in as much as I would have liked. Anyway Voucher codes sent me these Barratts beauties, they are £40.00 which already is a great price.  I know this site well as I'm all for a discount, here are some links to current shops I adore that have discounts (, Barratts, H&M and more).

Barratts Black Gardenia Glitter Mega Platform Sandals
Comfort- These are not your every day shoes, but saying that when I'm not rocking my bump I would wear these to style up a pair of jeans and tee. I love, love a platform and these are big but I have to say very comfortable. I like the strap, as I hate it when you have a killer heel/platform and your ankle has zero support the cross over again is pretty and keeps these firmly on your feet. Sometimes with a peep toe they can pinch at the front, these are soft so thankful your toes are not all squashed together.

Price- For £40! I'm not going to moan, I have seen very similar styles on the high street but they were even around £100 +. So for £40 you could get the sliver and the gold (see the shoe addict in me, yeah they come in gold to ladies).

Glitter- Yes the main question 'does the glitter wear well', I did the starch test (to test the glitter on a shoe, when in a shop rub them along side each other if heaps of glitter falls away leave them). A lot of glitter shoes don't hold up well to wear, but these actual surprised me I give them a good starch and was actual getting ready to cry ....But the glitter held up. Of course any glitter heel will fade after a while, and wear but as I think these are more for party wear etc  they should last a long time... these have taken pride of place in my shoe collection already. 

What I wore them with

Blazer: Warehouse
Top: Chairty shop
Necklace: ASDA
Bag: c/o H&M
Jeans: Tesco

Verdict ....Yes they will never be Miu Miu glitter boots but for £40, and such a cute design they are my sparkle dream. I would say these are not for everyone, but if you love a killer platform and glitter these are for you. You can always get some glitter flat boots, if your not a fan of heels as there are heaps on the high street too.


  1. Oh, you are one sexy hot mamma! What a great outfit, and the shoes look fab! I've seen loads that are way more expensive and not nearly as funky!

  2. I flippin LOVE them! oh YES they look awesome with the all black outfit, a glitter clutch would look good too! SOOO Christmasfied! heart them!!!

  3. Oh I LOVE them! And you look freaking amazing x

  4. You're totally rocking the bump (and the shoes too of course!) I've seen a few I like and they make a great statement shoe, so I'll have to try it for myself!

    Michelle xo

  5. They look so pretty. And you look amazing! I LOVE your Eiffel Tower top - too cute! X

  6. ahhh I love these, glitter and a chunky heel, fab!

  7. omg your the coolest pregnant mommy in the world! those shoes are freaking awesome!

  8. wonderful post.Never knew this, regards for letting me know.

  9. AMAZING !
    Love your blog, I'm now a follower :)

    Would love for you to check out mine too:

    Erika xx

  10. Definitely love them, I've just been sent a similar pair from Senso - love them xxx

  11. I loooove them! I'm in love with the Miu Miu booties as well and these are definitely similarly amazing. You look absolutely adorable. <3

  12. LOVE these shoes!!! Massive heel aha! :) NT

  13. You look great!! Those shoes are the nicest things ive seen all day! xV

  14. whoooop! I just spotted your name on the Most Wanted feature! When I first got them, i couldn't stop looking at them! They're so sparkly xxx


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