A 'Very' Happy Press Day

So here they are the fab photos from the Very.com press day, firstly thank you to all the team who were on hand for any questions and talked me through some of the new collections. So this first part is the women's wear, and I will have the second part up including home ware, kids wear and men's wear.

So the lovely Emma send me an email asking if I would like to preview the :

Of course I jumped at the chance I'm so passionate about clothing, and the thrill of viewing a new collection by one of my style crushes (Miss Cotton) was just what I needed to get my fashion fix. I knew I would be impressed, again like other press day's I attended animal print is big news. On some of the Very collection they featured birds and a cute dog, the evening wear was stunning dresses fit for the red carpet and the shoes well wait to you see them drool. I also loved all the Banksy art work that run through out the collections, it was nice to see the detail in the layout and also fit in well with all the new collections. So here is my low down on the Very Press day:

Fearne's collection was so 60's chic, with the cut out details, peter pan collars and bright colours and prints popping left and right I wanted it all. She does have some classic styles as well and I loved the fabric choices, as this can kill thee prettiest of dresses etc....
Shoes were very Fearne again, flat boots in a classic brown which match the style of the collection perfectly.

Holly's collection again stayed true to her style, lots of well fitted dresses not really my style as it's very formal. I think it would be great for office wear, weddings and more dresses events. I loved her shoe choices, the ones with the bow detail are so cute and show Holly does have that fun side too. I did love her tea dresses and I think they are great for women of all ages, and suit most figures too.

Love label had a Very street collection with the 'OMG' top and the Doc Martins, it's perfect for the younger shopper at Very. I wanted the skinny blue jeans and the pink Dm's, as there more me (it's nice to see pieces you can throw on off duty too).

Dee Vee is a new collection by Diana Vickers, I have to say was really cute and I think she had some strong pieces. There was also the Fashion peeps collection being show and there designers, which were really cool ( I think the yellow dress could be wore my Katy Perry or Ri Ri easy) it's great that very support up and coming designers.

Finally have a big drool fest at the shoes ..............DROOL!!!! I think I'm in love with this first pair. I need to add in price points to this post so I will get them up here soon (don't feel great at the moment, but once I'm better can go through them). Anyway had such a fab day !!

So this was part 1, but i will have part 2 coming Very soon and I will have a video up on You Tube of the day (as I know you love em). So thank you again to the very team and also for my lovely dress that i will show you all soon, tis so cute. Don't forget to enter my giveaway and have a fab weekend x


  1. Ohhh wow theres so much i want. I love the shoes its all so exciting i bet you had an amazing time! XXX

  2. I LOVE the quilted jacket in the first picture, now if only I had long swooping locks that I could swoop to one side and pretend I'm from made in chelsea having a day at the races...
    ok weird semi daydream/form of comment going on there. I do love that quilted jacket though, is that from the fearne collection? I've always prefered her style over Holly.

  3. Great clothes!!
    Lovely boots and shoes <33


  4. Was so much fun :)
    The jacket is part of the overall collection at Very, some pieces are online now and others we will have to all wait for :(

  5. Wow! I love those collections - there's so much I want!!! Shame I'm trying to save money at the moment, so I'm not supposed to be buying anything. Just bought a dress for my sister's wedding that cost £110! My credit card needs a lie down! Such pretty clothes though and just my style! x

  6. Wow, I'm impressed by all three 2bh! I love how you can really tell the difference between Holly and Fearne's style in their collections. Diana's seems pretty similar to Fearne's, but all the same it's pretty nice! x

  7. fearne's stuff seems very you

  8. I love this! Can't wait to get my hands on some of this - thank you for posting x

  9. Wow, it's so cool that you got invited. I love very's site :)

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  10. Your photos are soooo much better than mine! Mine are banished to my facebook page but then again, I didn't take that many!

    Love yours and doesn't it seem like it was so long ago now? How time flies!


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