Lost & Found

Sorry again for the lack of posts, found this very old outfit post (which I don't know when I never posted it) maybe because the photos are stupidly rubbish. Still I love this outfit, and just wanted to post quickly to let you know that I'm still here. Hope you lot are okay, I really miss the blogging world, next week I will have the Very press day up (finally) and outfit posts and my first part of my pregnancy diary.

Jacket: boohoo
Cardigan & Jumper & brooch: primark
Shirt: Gap
Bow: old
Jeans: topshop
Pumps: Primark via Ebay

*Barry (my bloke is away) so finding it hard to do anything, if you are a new reader I have a boy who's almost two so it's tough doing everything.
* Got my first scan next week and I'm excited and scared, I will share my first scan photo with you all.
* Pretty much living in leggings at the moment, my tummy hurts all the time so comfort is above everything at the moment .....trust me I'm not far off reaching for the sweatpants!

* Addicted to watching Game of Thrones, The middle and Asian horror films ....Any good suggestions on horrors let me know.

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it's a huge thank you for all your support!
I bloody love you lot anyway thank you for all your comments, big love for you all.


  1. Very nice look! Lovely shoes <33

    Big xoxo*

  2. You look lovely and I can't wait to see your scan! :D

    Maria xxx

  3. Lovely x)

    I especially love this cardigan!

  4. Awww, you look gorgeous, you're glowing! :) I can't wait for the scan picture!

    I really like that bow with the brooch, great idea! :) I think this outfit is really all about the details, the striped socks with the shoes, the bow, hearts on your cardi...everything put together looks brilliant. :)

    Have a nice weekend and much love to you, your family and your little one in the tummy! :) xoxo

  5. OH! P.S. Forgot to add this, you said you like Asian horror films and I don't know if this one really fits the description, maybe you won't like it at all, maybe you will, maybe you've watched it already, it's called "Tetsuo, the Iron Man", it's very alternative, quite strange and a bit disturbing, but I think it's worth a watch. :D Hehe.

  6. Good luck with your first scan missus, can't wait to hear your pregnancy diary. I hope you're feeling well lovely ♥ have a great weekend whatever youre upto xxx

  7. so excited for scan! I love your shoesies x


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