All At Sea

Top: Boohoo
Trousers: New Look via Ebay
Earrings: Primark

So this was on Saturday, and yes I was having such a bad hair day lets not even go there, it's just dry and rubbish and I had to rush my outfit photos (so sorry and I have no legs today oh well). I just wanted to get back into my outfit photos, the weather has not helped for outside photos (which mine usual are).
So my bump is starting to show and also is making it hard to wear any bottoms, so I will have to shop in the next few months for some good jeans to get me to the end ....Sorry for those of you who are new readers I'm excepting a bub (again).

How amazing is InStyle magazine at the moment, last month I got this Nails Inc nail polish in Candy orange and this month they are giving readers a £5 body shop gift card !! So get your copy and it's only £2 so result.

Nails Inc Candy Orange free with In Style
I did a lot this week and this nail polish has hung on for dear life, I am sorry for my stupidly dry skin (gross I know) my hands are in really bad shape and I need to start slapping on the hand cream again.

Also had a little time to have a play with my sleek palette, not sure what I was doing/thinking but I kinda of like this not sure. Anyway I had a lovely relaxing Sunday as one of my best friend's came round Eve, she is such a sweetheart and got me lunch and that. It's was so good to chat as Corben is being a handful at the moment (missing daddy), and it's made me feel sane again. Some times going to playgroup non stop can make you a little loopy, and if you don't see anyone for a while you start chatting to supermarket staff like their your new best friend ....Yes being a parent makes you a little crazy at times. 

So seeing people you actual are mates with is fab, I forget sometimes (being a full time mum) how stressful work can be for them and how they don't get much free time. I'm so proud of Eve she works so hard and is finally getting a head at work, and she is getting her new car so road trip me thinks !! haha Well Brighton or somewhere. Aww and my mate Trish has arranged for some shopping for me on Tuesday, bless her (she's in Oz BTW, so really sweet of her). So thank you Trish.

Anyway had a lovely weekend and hope you did too.


  1. Lovely blouse!!! Style navy... is perfect :)


  2. Your eyes are such a vivid blue, so jel. Awww bump, I cani wait to have a bump in a few years. Sleek palette looks awesome!! Hope your friend sends you some lovely things xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Congrats on being a yummy mummy times two and thanks for the lovely comment. You might ot being showing your legs but they are cool trousers :)


  4. Aw Love the outfit!! Be good to see what you start wearing as the bump develops too!! xx

  5. I remember feeling like I'd gone completely loop de loop when my kids were little and none of my friends had kids so it was all pointless chit chat with other mums from playgroups etc - most of whom did that really annoying "well my baby can do XYZ". Oh shut up!! Definitely need time with your real friends. xx

  6. Loving your nautical look, you totally work it! That blouse is gorgeous! + the way you've done your eye makeup is great! xx

  7. I love the shirt!! ANd your nails too, Orange is my favourite colour :)


  8. beautiful lady. i see no baby bump! can't wait for it to be all big and... bumpy. ha! i just want to squish you!xx

  9. You look lovely and I'm glad you had a good weekend in the end, I hope Corben calms down too :)

    Maria xxx

  10. you look so pretty laura. love your blouse! & i'm jealous of your yummy mummyness! xx


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