Happiness Is In The bag

Bag: Charity shop

Happy Monday, well it was for me (kind of) apart from smashing my guitar hero game disk as barry's candle decided to jump off his shelf on to it I was having a great one. Geri and Con came round two of my besties who I have not seen in forever, we had a laugh watching You Tube Charlie Sheen song (Yes I will learn all the words) and had take out and chatted. So it has been a nice Monday, I always feel normal agin once I have had a chat and a laugh with them anyway ......

Look at this little treasure that I found behind some fake designer bags in the charity shop the other day, I had to break my shopping ban I know, I know I was doing so well. I had just gone in to get some books for Corben, well the shopping ban is more my stuff not going to stop treating him to the odd thing. Anyway it was a mere £2.95 !! I think it's my perfect summer bag, I love the way it buckles and it's many pockets inside.  So that made my week.

I need to really start clearing stuff out sharpish, I may have a blog sale let me know if you would like this or not. I'm also going to give a lot to charity shops, as they are in really need of clothing and stuff the birth of EBay has made it hard on them and as peoples money is getting tighter more and more people are shopping so stock is flying out. So why not make a mini pile to take to your one, I know mine will me happy I have a lot .......Also they have a lot of summer stuff at the moment as everyone is buying new for their holidays, so snap it up.

So I will have the Very press day part 2 up soon and my first pregnancy diary post (including my first scan photo) , I also have some great SOS posts for mum's too be so stay tuned.


  1. wowee that is lush!! lucky find girly! xxx

  2. LOVE this bag, and it's so trendy too - great find. x

  3. Luck that you managed to find such a great bag, it's gorgeous! x

  4. Love the bag.
    Great purchase.

  5. wowweeee I love this bag! so lurvely! Looks like you gots some good charity shops your way Miss.! xo KLW

  6. Such a beautiful bag, I just saw a similar one in H&M I think, but it's so cool that you got yours so cheap in the charity shop. :)

    Oh, I must go through my clothes as well, although I think there won't be a lot to give away this time as I had an enormous "clean up" last year. We don't have charity shops here where I live, but I usually give my stuff to a family with two girls, it feels great to help. :)
    But for some other stuff I thought of putting them on a blog sale, you should do it!

    I hope you are doing well! :) xoxo

  7. lovely bag



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