Tabio Event 2011

Had an amazing time at the Tabio event, and met a heap of blogs I will leave them all at the bottom of this post (yes there's that many). The gorgeous Bunnipunch sent me an invite, and I jumped as you know in all my skirt outfit posts I wear tights so a shop full of them was right up my street.
It was Zoe's birthday (London Lip Gloss) so I was so pleased that she decided to come and than go party, it was also Carla's but she would have missed her train so could not attend 
:( next time. Anyway me and Zoe were shocked at the amount of choice so many different styles, colour's, patterns it's a heaven for feet. The first thing we both want for were these cute bows cuffs, I love their ankle cuffs which come in a wide choice of style's. 

They are super cute and really add something different to a footwear look, I knew that I wanted some tights! Okay so I'm not going to lie, they are pricey, but if you buy cheap tights they tend to ladder = having to buy heaps more. Get a good pair of tights and care for them they will last you, lucky for us the lovely folks of Tabio let us choice a lovely pair (almost drooled on Zoe). So I will post what ones I got soon in an outfit, I think they need to be on to show there fabulousness (not a word but whatever).


Really Ree

Carina, Danielle, & Me

Zoe, Sarah, Kitty, Helen

I took some street style photos too, from this event and a couple at the Tesco one which I will post up this week too. I would say check this store out IRL, online they do have a lot but in the shop you have EVERYTHING ! All of the products are made in Japan, of course after what has happened they have a donation box for the red cross to help support which is great to see. Their staff are warm and friendly and were all wearing different tights, ankle cuffs so you could easily see the products. It was such a lovely evening great to chat with bloggers, and see what others had picked. Tabio have more on the event here.


  1. That store looks like heaven! I'm definitely going to check Tabio out online, I'm a sucker for bright tights, even if I do have to put up with the strange looks!
    It looks like you had a fun time, I can't wait to see what pairs you got!

  2. Heyyy.

    Been neglecting my blog reading lately! Looks like you have been up to some exciting things!! Jelous! (Especially of this! Love socks) Need to start going to events lol been blogging for ages now and never accepted an invite coz i get shy aha

    ANyway gonna have a looky through your other posts now innit xx

  3. looks like fun! LOVE ur necklace hun xx

  4. What a great event, wish I could have been there! Another great post!

    Love C x

  5. awww Thank you all for the comments ladies :) xxx

  6. This place looks amazing! :) xx

  7. Hello my lovely :) I just wanted to tell you what a gorgeous girl you are...beautiful on the inside and out. Lately I have been even more rubbish than ever are commenting on your blog - well everyone's for that matter - and I feel bad because I know its nice to get feedback, and you always make such an effort to do it. You write such an incredible blog with really really great photos and research and everything...mine is a pile of shit that I don't have time to update anywhere near as much as I'd like to, and yet you still read, comment and give me shout outs on Twitter etc. You are so very sweet. We need more people like you in the world - I think you're the business <3 xxx

  8. the very first thing I was thinking about was:
    then I realized those were socks lol
    cute event, btw

  9. Really good to meet you too xx

  10. Thank-you for the comment my lovely, that looks amazing! all those adorable socks! xxx

  11. It was SO lovely to meet you in real life too :) There were so many nice things there too!

    Maria xxx


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