I Need That, That And That # 4 Raffles Bizarre

So I was chatting with the lovely Jess on twitter, and she told me she was adding a new line to her shop Raffles Bizarre called FESTIVAL so I had to check it out. It's so cute I had to share it with you all, so I chose a couple of my favourite pieces to show you. I really like Raffles Bizarre as Jess makes everything (got to love handmade) and it's very different as it's an alternative jewellery site. 

I also loved the NAVAJO collection, it's very on trend and has some really great pieces like  the eagle necklace which is so pretty and I like that her shop sales design's that are so different from the high street. 
I also think it's well priced and that's always good, she has more collections on the Raffles Bizarre site too. I think these will be great for adding to your festival looks, simply but cool. I think it's fine to wear high street jewellery ( you know I do) but it can be annoying sometimes when you and a million other people you know all have the same thing. So buying from handmade sites, means that their is less chance of you and all your friends having the same look. I think when your at a gig it's always a good idea, I think that if I was lucky enough to be going to any than Raffles Bizarre would be on my list.

 In other news, I have been invited to some other press days which is exciting and I will have a heap of reviews coming. I can not wait for next month, my 'Need That' list is getting beyond stupid. Hope you are having a great week and welcome new readers :)


  1. Love it huni, thanks! Love what you've done with the images for each collection :D

  2. Oh bloomin' eck, I love everything, Especially the middle bracelet in the top picture, I'm such a sucker for this turquoise trend! xx

  3. oh i love that leopard necklace ! :)


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