Little fockers

Hello to all my new and old readers, I hope you are all well everyone seems to be ill and spreading their germs at the moment. Like my little Corben, I know any day now I am going to get his cough got to love kids and all their disease haha he has been giving me hugs lately ( maybe an advance sorry for any germs he gives me). Watched Little fockers it was good, not as good as the first one but worth a watch and the ball pit scene was so funny! 

As you know by now, I got a heap of goodies from Sara's giveaway and I have already started to break in my new pieces. I have been in this Dead Hero's Tee non stop, it's so soft and just great to throw on with everything, they have some amazing prints and I'm getting Barry this one as part of his fathers day gift (how crazy is that print!). I also got well excited over the Boho Boho ring, I actual did a girly squeak (I sounded more like a pig being slapped but you get the point) for those of you new to my blog I ADORE rings. This one is free size, which is great as most of my rings are either too tight or dropping off my hand. Not good when you wave goodbye and your mate gets hit in the eye with a chunky mother of a ring (true story).

Been well lazy on the nail art side, I reading a magazine and so this print so decided to paint it on my nails (been a while since I had leopard print). I really like it and it didn't take long either.

Cardigan: Ebay
Tee: Dead heros
Belt & Shoes: Primark
Socks: Tabio
Ring: Boho boho
Nails: Barry M, Models Own

How cool is the back print

As it was a little chilly the other day, yes I know it's cheeky but this was just the other day I decided to don my Tabio socks. I wanted to see why someone would pay £15 for them to be honest, (I got them at the press day) and bloody hell they are actual amazing !!! My feet didn't feel sweaty, they are so soft and usual I'm not a lover of socks but I keep these on even when I went to bed. Yes £15 squid is a lot, but they are well made and you feel the different on your feet. I don't have many socks, but I when rather save for another lovely pair of these than my primark ones that rub my skin. Anyway have a fab weekend my darlings and a HUGE happy birthday to Gem (From gem with love) !!!!


  1. That ring is actually amazing ! I did a little gasp when I scrolled down and saw it . I wanttt it ! xx

  2. Nails = FIT!

    (I hate that word, I'm just in love with the Fosters advert)! Eek! xx

  3. Love the nail art and CONGRATS on winning that amazing ring.

  4. I really like the nail art,it looks like it took ages, and it goes really well with your outfit.

    I absolutely love your shoes they really make the outfit stand out.

  5. I love your outfit and the socks are really cute!

  6. love the nail art!
    i also thought you had fake tanned your legs a strange colour, was relieved to see it was just amazing tan socks!

  7. Love your outfit so much! :)

    Click here for my blog :)

  8. Gorgeous nails! and that is an amazing ring! You've got good taste in jewellery, Laura - i always knew that! :) x

  9. Shoes are so cute and unique! :]

  10. I so want pretty nails but my nails grow too fast and chip to easily :/


  11. i have the tee in black and it really is the most comfortable thing.
    Oh and i love how the ring is stretchy so it doesnt fall off - looks v expensive too ! x

  12. Hey Laura! Was great to meet you at Tabio! Loving the nails!! They are amazing :)

  13. AWESOME nails!!! LOVE you in this outfit too!! great eyemakeup xoxo


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